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November 2021 What Did You Buy This Week? (Hair Care Edition)


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Hey Dutiful Shoppers :hiya: .....:shopping:

Month 11 (Can Ya'll Beweave it?) :thud:

Should be a time of Bargains! Shopping! And of Course Bf Sales!

So....What Did YOU Buy This Week? :scratchchin:

We Wanna know so do tell! :giggle:


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Well as you probably can guess by my other post...

I bought the revair! I have been wanting it for like a year at this point so I'm just suuuuper excited about it!
And my Adwoa leave-ins just came in. :grin:

Edit: Also just got the Adwoa Blue Tansy Mask and Shampoo and the Baomint Curling Cream from Sephora. Got 10% off from a code which would be the same rate if I wanted for the Insider sale so I just went for it. Only other thing I would want to get is the Peach Black Tea DC from the Mane Choice but that can honestly wait.
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Sally Beauty's 4 for $20:
2x Soultanicals Knot Butta
3x Soultanicals Mango Dip
3x Kinky Curly Custard
4x Kinky Curly Knot Today

Beauty Supply:
32oz Nairobi Foaming Lotion
Pack of Hair clamps
Pack extra large shower caps

Ingredients to Die For:
Organicals Intense Moisture Cream
Aloe Vera Gel

The Sally haul is all for my kids. They're set for a year. For myself, I'm looking to buy a new standing hooded dryer before December. Hopefully Sally's will have a Black Friday sale and I can grab one then.
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Design Essentials
x1 Peppermint and Aloe Anti-Itch Shampoo

I was eyeing the Almond and Avocado Conditioner but...I will wait until I use up one of my other products (trying not to become a product junkie again lol)