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NTM on sale for $2.68 at Target!!!!


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I was taking a leisurely stroll down the hair aisle at Target and could not believe me eyes :eek: ! NTM mask, serum, and Silk-Touch leave-in was on sale for 2.68!!! I'm not sure if its just in my local area store but its worth checking out!


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Wow, that's a great sale! Too bad I've put a halt to product buying for a minute. That sounds too good to pass up.


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damn....damn...damn..i just bought some leave-in cream for like 7 bucks.maybe i can get the serum..i never tried it,but for 3 bucks i guess its worth a shot!


a lot of the targets in suburban areas that do not have a large black population have the black hair care on sale. I was in one and they had everything iwth a red sticker. dark and lovely color 2.04.

Now what i did not get was that there was Aveda stuff on clearance! Helllloooooo I cleaned that out!
deep revitalizing conditioner, elixer, a lot of other stuff


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wait..........target has aveda products? ive been searching high and low for aveda products! thanks for the heads up!