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Natural, 3abc/4a, Fine, medium density
I did the following:

Prewash- Olaplex #0/3
Wash- Olaplex #4 and APB Extreme Hydration
Condition- Olaplex #5 and APB Kiwi Moisture Conditioner
Style: 6 cornrows and a wig; currently in two two-strand twists with Sirod Natural Rice LI and APB 3N1 under a shower cap

I’m experimenting with Olaplex. Olaplex #0/3/4/5 was almost too much protein. I want to see if APB will balance it out. If it does, then I have new staples. If it does not, I may need to use only Olaplex 0/3 and not the shampoo and conditioner.

Results: before using my leave-ins, my hair felt strong, soft, and airy. I had a few strands that felt a little dry, but overall my hair feels balanced. This was a good combination. Now that my hair is no longer color- treated, it acts different. My hair is no longer uniform. I'm going to go peruse the forum and try not to be a product junky.
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Getting it in today cause this weekend is over before it even starts for me!
Wash: Camille Rose Ginger Rinse
DC: Shea Moisture Manuka and Mafura under the dryer right now for a full hour cause my hair is THIRSTY; a quick in shower DC was unacceptable ...to my hair.
Leavein: KCKT
Moisture: Lustrasilk Curl Maxx jeering juice
Gel: Eco Olive Oil
Back under the dryer to set these curls and air dry for the rest of the day.


PJ Rehabilitation Center
JMonique Naturals Peppermint & Cherry Bark Pre-Poo

Cleanse - Camille Rose Naturals Cleansing Milk
Treat - Mielle Rosemary & Mint Strengthening DC'er
Moisturize - SSI's Juicy Hair Mask
Apply Leave-In - LOC


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Wash day today
Shampoo: 2x with ORS Max Moisture Shampoo
Deep condition: ORS Max Moisture Deep Treatment Conditioner
Leave in: Africa's Best Moisture Miracle Leave in Spray
Styler: S-curl curl and wave activator gel, Ecostyler super olive gel
Finishing: OGX Argan Oil Dry Oil Spray

I used alot of the curl activator gel. More than half the bottle. It's taking forever for my roots to dry. I sat under the dryer for an hour and 15 minutes and it's still damp in the front. I might have to sleep pretty tonight. And it's starting to flake already but in blue gummy balls. I hate this wash n go. Maybe I used too many different products. Idk.


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Doing my hair today not cause I want to but because I have to. She's been so dry lately I'm giving her all the extra deep conditioning she needs! So today:
Wash: Camille Rose Ginger
DC: Mielle Mongogo 1 HOUR under the dryer!
Leavein: KCKT
Moisturizer: Lustrasilk Curl Maxx
Gel: Eco Olive
If this process does not drench my hair in the moisture it craves...I'll turn it up several notches this weekend. See ya!


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Yesterday I did my mid-week wash

Shampoo: As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Shampoo
Conditioner: As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Conditioner
Leave In: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Gel: Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Put my hair into 7 two strand twists to air dry for bunning the next day