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Oct 31 Nov 1 2 3 4 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


Pineapple Eating Unicorn
Took my mini braids down last night to prep for a much need hair update weekend. And yes, my hair will take all weekend to do.

Tentative agenda

Today and tonight
Purchase hair dye. The grays are getting out of control. Even though I'm wigging it through winter, I still don't want to see them when I take the wig off.
Clarify and DC, light liquid leave-in, detangle

Color hair and Olaplex treatment
Roller set to airdry overnight

Flat iron and trim


Well-Known Member
Hi all—

I haven’t been on this board in years. And to you all!

This weekend I will be twisting my hair with hair added (Marley hair) to about bra strap length. I hope that will will only take a mere 8-9 hours. I will wash and condition my natural hair before doing this and plan to keep my twists in for 5 - 6 weeks....

I would book an appointment but no good braider/stylist seems to have availability until 4-6 weeks from now.

I worry about my edges and scalp but twisting is the only style that works for my lifestyle and gives me the look that I like and compliments my face.

hoping to find some inspiration on this board for future treatment/styles later on....


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I will flat iron my hair this weekend because hubby and I have a date night on Saturday and on Monday I get a new headshots for work.

Pre-poo: Oil on scalp and sit under heat for 15 mins.
Poo: Keracare Hydrating Detangling Poo 2 x
DC: Carol Daughters Black Vanilla DC under heat for 30 mins
Leave-ins: Mielle
Heat Protectant: Mielle
Dry: RevAir
Curl: Paul Mitchell Flat Iron


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Saturday a.m.:
Pre-Treat: DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder Pre-Shampoo Treatment
Cleanse: Jane Car/ter's Curl Quench Cleansing Conditioner
Treat: Curls and Potions FRW and Bamboo Rinse (Under Dryer)
Steam: Sarenzo's Pumpkin Hair Mask (Under Steamer)
Final Rinse: Paul Mit.chell Cream Rinse
Apply Leave-In L.O.C. *assorted*
Air Dry


Well-Known Member
Night Before
Prepoo overnight with coconut-soybean oil mix (ran out of my regular prepoo butter mix)

Wash Day:
Finger Detangle w/ Garnier Honey Treasures Co
Shampoo w/ Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo
DC w/ Aphogee 2 Step Treatment (No Heat*)
M&S -> Stretch In 8 Braids/Twists:
L) SM Raw Shea Butter Co
C) CON Pure Honey Cream
B) DIY Whipped Shea Butter

Style w/Eco Styler - Twists into Crown Twist


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Same old routine

Wash: 1st rinse with Kinky Curly Come Clean, 2nd rinse with Design Essentials Avocado and Almond shampoo
Protein treatment: Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor
DC: TGIN Honey Miracle Mask (30 min with heat)
Leave In: Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk
Style hair in twists with Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter gel and a smidge of JBCO
Let hair air dry, remove twists on Monday for twist out


I think I’m going to wash, deep condition, and wear my natural hair in two braids pinned up. Will probably do wash day on Sunday or Monday.
Welp, this didn't happen.

Moisturize with Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk
Seal with rice bran oil
Detangle and put her in braids

Scalp treatment with Selsun Blue Moisturizing shampoo
Deep condition with Shea Moisture 10-n-1 Deep Conditioning Masque
Detangle and twist hair in the shower; rinse hair in twists
Moisturize with Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk and Camille Rose Fresh Curls Smoother

I forgot to put an oil on to seal. I haven't done any styling because I realized I don't know what my unaltered texture looks like. So I am letting it airdry. My hair has heat and color damage so I doubt I can wear it out but I'm just really curious. I may start wearing twistouts because I am giving the heat styling a break.


Pineapple Eating Unicorn
No flat iron but I did the trim. I just cut off the scraggly ends of my Celie braids because I knew they needed to go. I'm sure my hair is uneven but I don't wear my hair straightened and down enough to care.

Currently under a black to purple ombre wig that is getting loads of compliments. Think I'm going to save the flat iron for the end of the year.