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October 2019: Hits & Misses


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Hit: Jamaican Mango & Lime JBCO Extra Dark

Discovered it's a blend (not surprised) but it's pretty nice plus castor oil is still the first ingredient.
Reiterating this hit. I tried it on dd1 when I posted. Later I used it to redo my two braids and omg my hair is so soft, shiny, and smooth this morning. Forgot how great castor oil is on our hair. I've gotten some of my best braidouts with literally just water and castor oil. Definitely going back to water & oil for us (hence the namesake lol) with a leave in for the kids.


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Biolage Hydrasource Aloe Mask; I picked this up by mistake the packaging looks just like the conditioning balm. I like this better because my hair is shiny and lighter. While the conditioning balm is very moisturizing but it lacks shine and build up is a %&! and your hair can get dull looking.
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