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? On Pastor


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I can’t say if you are too reactive, I wasn’t there .. none of us can
However I think if you are uncomfortable don’t try to talk yourself out of your reaction- doesn’t matter if you are reading him wrong- just do what you need to remove yourself from that situation
I wouldn’t have contact with people who make me uncomfortable


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Maybe he wants you or wants to get you pregnant (even if he happens to be married). If you received mean/judgy vibes he could be a misogynist as well. Either way don’t let him make you feel down. Any pastor that makes me uncomfortable would never see my face again.


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The only true answer comes from prayer. If he's at fault, he needs prayer. If he's being misunderstood, he still needs prayer. Either way, don't stay where you don't feel comfortable. Ask God to show you where you should be in the place of worship. The Holy Spirit will never mislead you.

BTW: You are not under any obligation to remain at your co-workers church. If it's where you belong, God will secure your heart and give you His peace about it.

Take care.