Organix BTK Experience- Long with pix


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Wow your results are impressive! I found this review on

June 29, 2012
Pros: makes hair straight, smells like coconuts at first
Cons: Greasy, Oily, after flat iron smells burnt
well , im bought this product obvisouly from walgreens it smells like coconut and once you flat iron it smells like burnt coconuts , very greasy , floppy . it makes your hair straight yes but very oily .
:lachen: Did either of you notice a burnt smell w/ this product?


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I think the only thing I've noticed is that it does smell burnt a bit, but I'm not bothered by it. My hair always feels silky albeit a little stiff, yet I'm enamored with it because I think it's like a backbone for my hair. In a month, the hair on the back of my head is much fuller! (Each pic is after a trim)

The reason the reviewer's hair was so oily was because she used too much product. In addition to the residue, excessive product will cause breakage. Be sure to use enough to just cover the hair. Hair should be more manageable when the product is washed out.

My variables:
-Birth control
-3000mg biotin
-1500mg MSN
-Cantu Shea butter just about every night
-Use of BKT 1x/2-3 months


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empprincess - thanks for this great thread. How are you and your hair doing after one year? I'm looking to reduce shrinkage and help prevent single strand knots. I am not so interested in wearing my hair straight on a regular bases. It would nice if I could reduce the frizz and shrinkage a bit and give my fine hair some weight and body.

JaySayCa Looks like your hair is thriving on the product in your earlier posts. How is your hair doing after 1 year?


I'm going to do it. I am getting tired of feeling like I am damaging my hair. I am also not sure that I am going to use 450 degrees flat iron!:nono:


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I'm interested in this too. I wonder if you are not interested in wearing your hair straight if you could twist/braid/bantu knot your hair during the "curing" process and have your hair keep that style until it wears off...any thoughts?


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Got this in my hair now n curing for 2-3 days.
Everyone I reviewed kept saying that they went overboard and used too much bkt... so I went against my intuition and used sparingly. Now I think I used too little product :-/