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Our Fave Jewish Sperm Donor Has A Wife And 3 Kids


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A New York math professor who has fathered 22 children, many of whom were conceived in public restrooms, is in the dog house this Father's Day after his wife recently learned of his activities.

Ari Nagel has been donating his sperm to women for nearly a decade, and now he's got nearly enough children to fill a baseball team, 18 baby mamas to call his own and baby number 23 on the way after recently impregnating another single mother.

But after revelations about the prolific sperm donor came to light last week, Nagel's wife of 10 years and the mother of his three children, Roxanne, is 'livid,' according to the New York Post.

'She's been yelling at me a lot,' the Kingsborough Community College professor told the paper.

Nagel, who says their relationship has not been romantic in years, claimed his wife was aware he was procreating in his free time, but he said she did not support it.

'She always wanted me to be a regular, traditional spouse,' he told the paper.

He also noted she became bothered when he started donating to all the other women.

Nagel told the Post: 'When she saw me donating to all these women, she asked, "Why are they worthy and I'm not?"'

She was never happy about all these other kids, but she tolerated it,' he added.

The 40-year-old said he and his wife were in a committed relationship when their son was born back in 2004, and about a year later they became husband and wife.

But at some point, he said their marriage became one of convenience, noting the pair sleep in separate bedrooms, according to the Post.

Together, they have a 12-year-old son and two daughters, who are ages two and five.

Speaking to the Post outside the family's apartment, Mrs Nagel said she had nothing to say regarding the matter, adding 'what's done is done.'

She probably is not too pleased to know that following last week's news, her husband has since been inundated with messages from women 'all over the world' who want his sperm.

'Almost all of them want to have a baby, but some want to hook up,' Nagel told the Post.

His first donation happened eight years ago at a fertility clinic, with a single friend in her late 30s who wanted to become a mother.

Women have since found Nagel via Craigslist, word of mouth or Known Donor Registry, a free website connecting couples to donors who do not want to remain anonymous.

It's an option that runs much cheaper for hopeful mothers than a sperm bank, where costs can range anywhere from $300 to $4,000, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

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Lol. Did you miss the last thread on him?

Turned out quite a few members know or know of this guy. Some very well :look: He seems to be popular with black women in general as quite a few ladies on LSA also know him.
Intersting ,I never heard of him ,is he a celebrity or just a popular h.e?


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Wondering if this thread is going to go "poof." I'm not getting vested. :dighole:
I don't think it has to, if people don't talk about posters here, but in more general terms... We don't want anyone or their children to be exposed unwillingly on this board.

I think we can agree that the wife must be living very comfortably to put up with this nonsense.

He is unique among wealthy men to want to spread his seed like this...


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I'm guessing they were just married by title since she knew what he was doing and he said the relationship was not romantic not had it been for a long time.
Just so you know, most married men who cheat say that they don't have sex with their wives. That doesn't necessarily mean it's true...
It's one of those standard lines.

"We haven't slept together in years."
"We don't share a bedroom" (As if that ever stopped anyone from having sex?)
"We're just married on paper."

etc etc

Her youngest is 2, so it's obvious they've had sex for at least 11 years (from baby number 1 to the last one).


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It's abusive to have 22 children while the child that you live with is 12 and can read the paper. Yes, it's abusive.

I know not many may agree with me, but I feel that this type of situation is abusive. Just like P Diddy and his harem and children.
I agree with you 100%. It's abusive to on the one hand say that you are a sperm donor and on the other hand want to take credit for being a father and dip in and out of the children's lives. At the end of the day he's just another absentee parent to me.


I really need someone to come up with ethe receipts on this man's wealth

this is disgusting.. but it wouldnt meet most courts standard for abuse...

he is only doing publicly and honestly? what some people are hiding and doing..

but honestly... there isnt enough money in the world that would make me feel better about my child being part of this mess...

if he dies.. will all those children be able to claim from his estate?