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Paging All Texturized Ladies!!!


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I have natural hair and am contemplating getting a texturizer but getting it done at a salon. The stylist who presses my hair is saying that texturizers won't take on longer hair and that it will just look like a relaxer that didn't take. Another stylist, who has short texturized hair, says that she could do it. She has seen me but has never been in my hair. My mother, who is one of her clients, has beautiful hair. (Relaxed bone straight) When my mom went to get her hair done yesterday she took the book "Hair Rules" to show her the texturized look in there. The lady said that she could do that.

I know that long, natural hair can be texturized but don't want to risk doing it myself. I've heard that some texturize their hair and end up with straight pieces.
I don't want straight hair but a more "released" curl pattern and more versatility (straight looks). Should I trust this lady to do my hair? I want to know what I should do?? Please, take a look at my hair album and tell me whether or not I should attempt to texturize? I need help TODAY!

Those of you who texturize: do you do it yourself or go to a salon? I would attempt to do it myself but I had never even relaxed my own hair when I had a relaxer!


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You know best what to do Nena because you know what will really be a problem for you and what won't as far as losing your curl pattern.

Here's what I can say: "Texturizing" is relaxing. It's just left on for less time and is worked through less carefully - if at all. It can be jacked up easily and without much fault on the part of the stylist. It's hard to judge how much someone's curl pattern will loosen and how quickly.

I always say to naturals who are getting a "texturizer"....be ready to have straight hair. Because it can happen.

It could also go fine tho and you could end with what you actually wanted. But there's always a risk, you know?


To each his own. :)
I don't think you should attempt to do it yourself if you've never relaxed your own hair. I'm sure others have done it successfully though, but there are many more who've tried and failed. I've been relaxing my own own hair for many years, so I texturized it on my own as well. I, myself, do not trust stylists. Texturizing is trickier than relaxing the hair straight.

If you do decide to have a stylist do it, I'd suggest that a strand test be done to determine how long and which strength to use on different sections of your hair. If you do it yourself, do NOT leave out that step. For me, different sections react to relaxers differently and that needs to be taken into account in order to avoid "too straight" hair or curl that is not released enough (too tightly curled for your taste).


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Not a texturized lady here...but...

I looked at your album...YOUR HAIR IS THE BOMB!!!
I know we are not supposed to covet another sisters hair...but I just say a few "Hail Mary's" later...it really does look good.


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I agree. Your natural hair is GAW-GEOUS! Those curls are really defined and I think it'd be great if you left it as is. IMHO.


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Thanks all! I don't think that I will get a texturizer because I don't want to be at the mercy of a stylist who may not know what my hair needs. I don't want to risk coming out with straight hair. I figured that a texturizer would give me the option to wear my hair straight for longer than 3 days. When I get it pressed it looks great for 2 days and then the 3rd day it's in a ponytail because it is begins to get puffy!

I'm tired of wearing my hair the way it is...it doesn't show length and it seems that there are no decent stylists around that really *know* natural hair! As a young wife and mother, I don't have time to do styles myself. My morning regime takes only about 10 minutes. I think that my real problem is that I need a better style and more versatility. I cannot cornrow or braid to save my life and my twists are never worn outside of my house. I guess my real problem is hair boredom...