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Hi ladies,

I have a heredity bald spot in my family and it was recently brought to my attention that my hair was thinning in my crown. I took a picture and was horrified. I immediately went to my hair store to get a bottle of Paltas. I bought it because it worked very well for my mom and other ladies on the forum.

I used it everyday for three weeks please see my progress pic. The large box was taken tonight and the top was taken week one before use and the bottom right was just last week.

I have noticed that my hair has gotten a bit thicker as well. The only thing I don't like is the oiliness, but I think I will use it as a hot oil treatment once a week and use only after I wash my hair (I wash or co wash at least every other day as I work out 3-4 x a week)

Enjoy! It's hard to find but I would highly recommend this brand to anyone thinning or going bald. I still can't believe my eyes. My hair is everything.

Xoxo Tay


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Good for you, nice growth but i'm curious What is Paltas? i've never heard of it before and i'm too lazy to google which may send me on a never ending search.


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Is it a spray, grease, liquid, oil? What are the primary ingredients--- sulphur?? Glad your hair has gotten better. What was the cause of your baldness?


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There's a few different bottles. There's 2 that are treatments. But one says tonic for braids and weave and one says treatment. What exactly does your bottle say? I want to get the right one.

It is a treatment specificity used for thickness and regrowth.


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I cant find the ingredients anywhere. OP can you please post them.ty

Glycerin, Lanolin oil, Paraffinum Liquidum, Aqua (purified water), methyl salicylate, alcohol denat., parfum, menthol, thea sinesis, pimenta acrs (bay oil), eugenol.


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I used this back in the days and my hair was thriving. It kind of reminds of Hair Pouss Plus.
If it ain't broke don't fix.

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Where can I buy this in the US?
Good question. I had easy access to it while living in France but I've never seen it here in the BSS.

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Does it have a strong smell?

If I remember correctly, it did have a strong smell but if you apply it at night, you won't smell a thing in the morning.

Someone already posted an Amazon link in this thread.

Shipping is more than the price of the item itself. :sad: That's too much.

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Hey ladies!


The ingredients posted by another member are correct from what i remember. I wasn't fond of the contents either but it works and I'm not sure what it is specially that makes it work.

It is an oil - yes it's very greasy. You only use a little on the scalp and massage. I was using it everyday and all over my head with special attention to tender areas where I believe my hair was falling out or about to fall out. Tenderness is always an indication of something.

I bought it at my local salon, but sometimes they don't have it. I've also seen the shampoo etc but never tried. It's from the UK anything good it's hard to find.

I wouldn't mind purchasing it and mailing it to the ladies that are seriously interested and can't find it locally. I believe everyone should have access to the product.



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I remember a lady told me to use this for a month when I was younger and bald headed lol.

My hair grew about an inch in that month and people were commenting about it. When I saw the woman again she was like "so you used the paltas" lol:lol:

The only thing I didn't like about it and the reason I don't use it is the oiliness. There's probably ways to contain it but I found my pillow would get a lot of it and I worried about it running onto my face.