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@IDareT'sHair - I understand and agree with that!!!

Ok so last night I washed and conditioned my hair and then I used the Paltas hot oil treatment for 20 minutes under a plastic bag. Then I used my Diva towel to wrap/dry my hair. I then used the Paltas BKC and sat under the IRestor helmet for 25 minutes. I put my hair in twists, covered it with a plastic bag and my bonnet. This morning my hair is soft and moisturized. I’ve put my hair in a wrapped ponytail to stretch it out with a little long aide activator gel. I even added some BKC to my crown before gelling and styling.

Great news @naturalfinally !!

How often are you guys using Paltas - I'm using it twice a week, I may try and increase to three times pw

How often do you guys clarify given Paltas is so greasy?

@LushLox - I did my hair 3 days ago and haven't applied any more product since then. I just pulled the PHT out of my stash last week so I don't have a track record yet with using the oil, yet!!

To me it's weird - I don't consider PHT greasy/oily. It certainly has the appearance and somewhat feel of being greasy, but when I run my hand across it there is no pronounced oil or residue on it. Sounds weird - but true. Regardless, I think I will clarify when I shampoo to prevent build-up.


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Another use case. My DGD took her twists down to wear a twist out. Her hair is super thick and long. She applied some TGIN Braid product, but it left her hair hard.

I had her apply some moisturizer and PHT and her twist out is shiny, soft and gorgeous! It transformed her twists!


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Thanks ladies, yes you're right it isn't overly greasy. Normally by the morning the oil has totally absorbed. I guess I'm not used to putting something of that nature on my scalp so often.

I clarified today and my hair feels great. The Paltas feels awesome on a totally clean scalp.

@LushLox - I agree with the bolded and I also believes it behaves differently on clarified/clean hair.
On clarified (no product buildup) my hair was silky, satiny smooth. On hair with product build-up, it's silky and wavy!! I'm not complaining by any means ;) , just observing.

While traveling this week, I applied the same products as I mentioned above and had my hair wrapped for ~9 hours. When I took my scarf off, my hair was shiny and silky but had (small) waves in it. I'll confirm my theory this weekend when I clarify, shampoo and wrap 'er up again.


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Hey ladies! I've just purchased two bottles of this. Total was $16 including shipping, not too bad. I'm going to take progress pics and I'll let you all know how it works. My edges have been thinning from me wearing goddess braids (with my own hair). I'm struggling on what to do with my hair now! I'm in school and don't have the time for all those intensive regimens. Any suggestions are appreciated!