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Pissed: Venting


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Disclaimer: I'm about to do some serious complaining:

Last week I posted my results from a botched ACV rinse. I used too much ACV + tap water=disaster. My ends were sticky, tangled, etc. So, I took off ~2 inches thinking it would help. But, I kept feeling like I should take another .5-1.5 off b/c it didn't look smooth to me.. I was all set to go to SuperCuts when I checked my account, which was VERY near empty. So, I decide to go to the local hair school.---BIG mistake!!! In my defense, I've gone several times before. The results have been less than stellar, but still much better than what I could achieve w/rollersetting. The school has 75% white students. So I should have known. Before someone jumps down my throat, let me clarify. I am in MS, very few if any white styllist have clients with textured hair. But the guy at the front desk assured me that "Jan" could do trims really well. I requested a black stylist, but none were "available"--yeah right. I digress, Jan commences to cut my damn hair. The chairs are situated so you can't see in the mirror. I must mention that prior to her picking up the scissors I told her that I only wanted a trim. She said she understood. It seemed as though something was a little off, but when I checked, it was cool. When she finished I looked on the floor and what did I spy-- 4 damn inches of my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. So, you know I wanted to smash Buffy's head into the mirror. I told her I only wanted a trim b/c I had an event--still pending-- where I needed to wear my hair somewhat long. So she says, I need to let my instructor check it. So the instructor, a black lady whom I could swear was working in the vicinity and could have stopped the madness, comes over. Takes one look at my hair and says I saw you walk in what did you tell Jan to do? Jan, did you cut the front of her hair like this--by the way, it's sorta in steps. I told her what happened and she says, do you want me to fix it, b/c obviously this is not a trim. So she takes ~.5 in off and says she must have only done layers previously, she was cutting you incorrectly, she didn't know. So, by now I'm steaming--on fire--but I keep telling myself to relax, relate, release-- it's just hair, it will grow back. I've never been all that "into" long hair as a qualifier. That's not the issue though. I needed that damn hair for this event.

Then I go next door to the BSS and I call my sister...who knows about the party and is like what??!!!!!! Did you smack that b#$%&. Before I know it I'm crying and the little asian lady is looking at me like I'm crazy. I tell her what happened and she's like I'm so sorry. Don't cry, it's still pretty, it will grow back. Seriously, I think I was upset also b/c it is so typical of my experiences here in MS. (I'm a native MSian) So many melanin challenged people think that b/c they say or do something it is law. Don't get me wrong, MS has changed/evolved by leaps and bounds. But, Jan thought I was just gonna tuck my head and say O.K. I'll accept this. Anyway, I wrote a letter to the owners of the school detailing my experience, concerns, etc.

So I'm back to shoulder length!
The moral of this story: You get what you pay for & Go with your gut!!!! If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't!!


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I am sorry about what happened I can relate to your story.I was going to my hairdresser every two weeks sometimes every week faithfully for one year without any problems.She was the first to relax my hair after I went from a natural teeny weeny afro back to relaxed hair.My hair started to grow like crazy under her care!!Over the summer I went for my t-up.When she started to apply the perm my head was on fire Iwas running to the shampoo bowl before she could even finish applying it.She said hold on I am not done!!I said no you gotta get this out it is burning!!(I never had this problem before I think she used some new stuff thinking my thick hair could take it) Needless to say that week my nape hair started shedding in clumps and falling out onto my clothes.I went back to her and told her to just taper what was left ofthe back of my hair so it could grow back even.(I liked her as a person and she is a great stylist I wanted to continue to go even though I felt like she made a mistake with that relaxer)She wouldn't taper my hair she said she would just cover it with the longer pieces and the back would catch up.My hair continued to fall out and the breakage extended up into the back of my crown and then onto the sides.Well I am back to the old toni braxton looking cut I had back in the day.I have a picture of me with my shoulder length layered healthy hair on the mirror as inspiration that it will grow back.Now I am back to taking care of my hair myself.I don't always style it all cute like my hairdresser used to but it is much healthier now.


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My goodness, but I am so sorry to hear about that! It really makes me upset and it didn't even happen to me. :mad: I would have hit that girl I think or at least cussed her out and her "instructor".


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What a sad story, it never pays to avoid that ever so tiny voice that tells you what's what. I am sure you hair will still look fabulous, and you know it will grown back...HUGS


Dang!:eek: That's why I don't go to salons or any other stylist unless I'm sure they know what I want and if they know how to do black hair. Sorry this happened to you. They should've given you a discount, at least!:mad:


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:rosebud: I'm so very sorry you had to go through this. I know how you feel, I'm in MS also.
I'm sending you a huge hug.


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I am so sorry... I have been there before. It is a hard thing to go through, however you will feel better in a little bit. Just keep doing good things to your hair and it will grow back in no time.


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I am soooo sorry this happened to you. My heart sank when I was reading your post. I know you did what you had to do and can't change the outcome, but it will grow back. Here's a (((hug))) from VA.


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Thanks everyone!!!!! I do feel much better. At least I know that with the info and tips from LHCF I'll be back to that length in no time and it will be healthier.