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Please bring it back???


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The "all" page at the bottom of the threads. Am I the only one who miss the all" page. If I want to read a thread, it was nice to be able to open all the pages at once and just read instead having to open page 1, page 2, etc. you know what I mean? Please can I have the ALL page back? Please, pretty please?


Co-signing. Being able to view the whole thread was very useful for those multi-pagers where I couldn't remember where I'd left off. All that jumpibg from page to page drives me crazy. The "jump to first unread" feature doesn't help because it assumes I read all the posts if I'd been to the thread before, which is not always the case.


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Co-signing on it all....it is a lil...ummm...tiresome...and stressful on the ole eyeballs...lol.