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Please Share Pics of Your Protective Styles Here

I Am So Blessed

I'm easy going.
I think so too, and we're using similar products ( I peeped in the curl activator thread). Something is working because our hair is pretty and moisturized.
We're juicy lol. Keeping that nice moisture/protein balance! Nobody can't tell us nothing lol. Two people (strangers) touched my hair the others day (with my permission) one black man, said my hair was baby soft! The other was a black woman at the beauty supply, she took a picture of the activator I told her about then she took it to the checkout and bought it!!! "Juicy fruit".


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I usually have my hair braided in cornrows and just throw a wig on, Lol. It's just been the easiest for me. Especially in the winter. This summer I'm thinking of trying more styles out. We'll see if I stick to that.

My current protective style:


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Last summer I created this simple twist updo to help protect my hair from over manipulation. This style took about 2 hours to create. I only used extensions on the perimeter of my head minus the braids on the sides. The middle I simply twisted my own hair into 15 large twists that would be hidden from the extension hair. I pinned it all up into an easy updo. Easy but effective



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High Curly puff with bane. I used "Kinky Curly Knot Today Custard". I love this product, but too expensive for me and it only sells in 8-16 oz containers. I need to seek another product that's affordable and doesnt make my hair too crunchy, flat as well as weighed down. I appreciate any recommendations.

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