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Popular products no one talks about anymore


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Girl I was coming in here to post JMonique's Naturals but I see you already have that one covered, :lol:. I sure miss that one. I also miss Silk Dreams.

Is anyone here still talking about Wetline Xtreme Gel? I hear they repackaged it and it looks like there may even be a reformulation back to the original gel that actually worked. The ingredient 'carbomer' I believe is back to being the third ingredient just like the original formula. I think they felt the pinch from lack of sales when they moved the carbomer further down the ingredient list. I bought a small jar of the newest formula gel and will leave a review once I test it out.


I would add to your list:

I wanted to cry when ovation changed their formula. Cell therapy was the best growth aid I ever used.


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In No Particular Order:
Silk Dreams
Purabody Naturals
Darcy Botanicals
Cathy Howse (Ultra Black Hair)
Hair Trigger
Jasmine's Bath & Beauty
Hairitage Hydrations
JMonique Naturals

*I'll be back*

:orders:Calling @Bette Davis Eyes @Aggie to assist!
Loved Silk Dreams products. It was a member here that created that line♥️.