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Post pics of your protective styles


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here's one of mine, a simple hairstyle done on stretched natural hair.
i wore this to a game viewing party

my pics are either massive or tiny...i'm done playing with them for the night. here's a link to full size one's on my blog: Game Day Hair


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Here are my protective styles :

This is very simple to do, I pin the sides then pin the back up

This is what I call the LHCF bun, done on a braid out:

A big bun with no added hair:

A braided bun

A classic bun done on straight hair:



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Cornrows folded under a claw clip:

Cornrows with phony puff:

SouthernTease bun:

Box braids in a bun:

Bunned two-strand twists:



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Current low mani style for the week:

I don't normally do low mani styles but my hair needs a break from the cornrows/twists from time to time and this one is a keeper.


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Here is my all-time fave when it's not too hot. I wear a silk scarf underneath to protect my hair:

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OOH OOOH! I wanna play! lol!

Ok, so 99% of the time my actual hair is braided in cornrows underneath with absolutely no hair left out, and I rock human hair wigs, free of tape and glue...just straps....as you can see here...

HOWEVER...in those VERRRRRY rare instances where I have the time and patience to wear my actual hair out, I set my hair the night before with moroccan oil on solar rollers...you know, those gold bendy ones, and then I take my hair out in the morning and put it up in a banana clip, put some Hicks Transformation edges to keep my edges from rolling up into little balls...lol...and I pin my hair into the banana clip so that none of it is hanging or rubbing against my clothes...as seen here...

And when I am absolutely hurried and in a complete rush, it goes right into a pony tail...

I stick to my wigs though, cause it's helping my hair grow wonderfully! :)

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Ginsana omg those wig pics look just like your hair. I really need getting something for the summer. What brands do you recommend?

LOL! Yeah that's supposed to be the point of wigs, right?! ahahaha :) Girl, in my humble opinion, Milky Way is the best...that's what I wear...the wig picture up above is the milky way keona wig...cost's 75.00 and it's human hair and lasts a while...i highly recommend a styrofoam wig head to rest it on when you're not wearing it...i find that it lasts even longer that way...


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I joined this forum last year but never really visited it. I am so enjoying the information and pix. You guys rock.