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Also is anyone having issues with their iPhone not jumping to the top of the page when you tap near the address bar? Some pages work and others don't.


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@Lucia we are supposed to be getting the thank you back and all of your old thanks will be loaded back. Nikos just has not had the time to work on it yet. Thank you for your patience. The upgrade /software change is a bit more to deal with than what we expected. Hopefully by the new year. We are currently working on technical problems/functionality and restoring the old ticket system.

@beauti - Hopefully we will have the future of the month section back by the new year.


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I came here looking to open a ticket.....since the forum upgrade I haven't received one email notification of a thread update or a I the only one experiencing this ????


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Its been quite some time now since this forum has been upgraded. Can anyone give us an expected time-frame when our BLOGS will be restored? Thanks.

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Is the app coming back?
Here's another vote to bring the app back.

I hate having to scroll down to the bottom of the page after refreshing to see if there's a new post. I don't recall if the app automatically took you to the bottom of the page or if the most recent posts were put at the top but this annoys me. I think there was an option to refresh and you then went straight to the new posts. Can this be done on the website?
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