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Post Your Favorite Black Owned Hair Care Products & Product Lines!


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There are hundreds of commercial products marketed to us, faithfully populating the "ethnic" haircare aisle, some have even begun to call them "black products" but we almost never own the multi-national companies producing these products and more often then not they contain cheap ineffectual fillers like mineral oil and petrolatum.

There ARE quite a few Black Owned companies that produce fully organic high quality products geared toward our hair needs who take pride in not using cheap fillers.

I wanted to dedicate a thread specifically to Black owned Product Lines and which worked the best for us.

- State your favorite hair care products from a Black Owned product line (if your not sure then google it)

- Your hair type (if you're not sure just say a general number like 3 or 4)

- How you usually use it.

This way, others can see your post, possibly give it a try, and give our own a boost!:yep:

Post away!:meme::grin:


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My hair type 4b for the most part.
- How you usually use it: Moisturize. ...4b hair is well *love this phrase*
Drier than Gandhi's sandals..lol and the hair butters does a good job
of not only moisturizing your hair for days but
making it soft. I love the scents, btw.

Shea Alma and the Chocolatte Butters are my favorite.
And The Pure Whipped Jelly smells like vanilla frosting and has the perfect
hold for twists or transitioning hair, it didn't make
my transitioning hair crunchy like other gels..
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Curly Custard, Pur whipped Jelly, Shikakai hair growth elixer, Totally twisted butter EVERYTHING that I have tried :lachen:

I have no idea my hair type


natural for good
Hydratherma Naturals!!!

shout out to Saleemah (spelling??)!!!!

I specifically use the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion, and the Protein Balance Leave In. They are both of lotion-y consistency, and both contain pure, natural oils and butters.

My hair type is relaxed 4b. I really like these two leave-ins :yep:
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Curly Custard, Pur whipped Jelly, Shikakai hair growth elixer, Totally twisted butter EVERYTHING that I have tried :lachen:

I have no idea my hair type
I saw your hair in your BC thread (very pretty congrats btw) put that you're 3b/c hun:yep:

Thanks for all the awesome reviews and replies ladies!! Keep em coming!!:clapping:
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Dudley'sQ...they've been around forever and I've used them on and off for many years. A bit hard to find ad quite expensive, but they're tops!


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Excellent Thread!!

My hair is Primarily 3C with a 4A patch. It is color-treated but I am growing out the color and switching to henna treatments next year.

Kinky-Curly--- www.kinky-curly.com
KCCC is a staple for me. Havent tried the Knot Today yet, but the KCCC is my truth.

Carol's Daughter--- www.carolsdaughter.com
(I'm not a fan of the ever-increasing prices because I remember when she was kicking it in Brooklyn lol)
Mimosa Hair Honey is a great pomade for taming frizz and sleeking edges.
Tui Oil is a great oil to seal in moisture and strengthen hair

Nubian Heritage--- www.nubianheritage.com

Raw Shea Butter Daily Moisturizing Mist is great for literally "wetting" the hair without getting it wet. Its great when you have twists or braids and want to moisturize but can't comb or brush the moisturizer through. Plus, it isnt a cream so there is no residue or build up. I spray it in daily. This is very hard to find.

Raw Shea Butter Soap with Frankincense and Myrrh. I love this soap and I use it to cleanse my hair along with my Burt's Bees.


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Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Heavy Cream: I use it as a leave in conditioner and as a daily moisturizer.

Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner: I use it as a leave in conditioner.

My hair type is between 3c and 4a

Those are my favorites:)


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- State your favourite hair care products from a Black Owned product line; Qhemet Biologics :cloud9::

- Your hair type; Fab 4 something

- How you usually use it; I’m currently transitioning to natural and use Qhemet Biologics’s Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm and Qhemet Biologics’s Burdock Root Butter Cream simultaneously; The moisturising combination of the Qhemet Biologics product’s works wonderfully for my hair; it feel’s soo soft and hydrated all day :cloud9: I mix a little of the Burdock Root cream with the Olive & honey in my palms, rub together and apply. Once absorbed, I may apply more Olive & honey if needed. Lastly, I seal with a mixture of black Jamaican castor and thinned with a little avocado oil. This process is heavenly on my hair :cloud9:


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im a natural 3c and my fave product lines are
afroveda: shea amla butter, cocolatte, ashlii amala, pur whipped gelly and hibiscus oil

kbb: the hair milk, hair nectar, hair cream and deep conditioner

oyin: burnt sugar pomade, honey hemp conditioner

i use all of these products to moisturize, seal and deep conditioner. i normally deep condition on dry hair.


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No idea of my hair type. Something "fine" or "medium" though.

I have enjoyed
jane carter - used the wrap and roll (works very well) the nourish and shine and the cream nourish cream as well as the spray leave in. All to moisturize. Seem to do the trick. A little expensive though.

hairveda - I've only used the sitrinillah deep conditioner and that stuff is heaven. Two problems - things seem to be in and out of "season." And, again... expensive.

shescentit - I bought shampoo (great) conditioner (loved it) the coco leave in, the grapeseed moisture mist and the seyani butter for moisturizing ends. I just got these so I really like them so far. They smell really good. the Seyani butter FEELS good.

Funny thing about the seyani butter: I used it last night to add a little moisture to my ends before flat-ironing. Well oops... I got the distinct smell of s'mores. lol. After that I just used it AFTER the heat. :)


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hmmmm I like the smell of smores:look:........:giggle:

I LOVE Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Cream, I used it to do my pixie braids with beautiful results, the ingredients are to die for, fully identifiable, the consistency is a light whipped creme and its never heavy, its lated me a looooong time too.

Awesome lists and reviews ladies keep em coming!:yep:
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- State your favorite hair care products from a Black Owned product line
Black owned hair care products I've used are Afroveda, Hairveda, Kinky Curly, Jasmine's, Shescenit, and Nubian Heritage.

Right now I'm sticking to Afroveda and Jasmine is 2nd

- Your hair type
3B in the front and back, 3C throughout

- How you usually use it.
I mainly use the Afroveda butters. I use them before rollersetting my hair, as an alternative to gel when I do a wash and go, seal my dry or wet hair with these butters, or I mix them with Ecostyler gel (the green one) to give me bouncy curls sans crunch. If its Jasmine's, I buy the Avocado Silk conditioner which has crazy slip and serves as a fantastic leave-in. I also love her shea butter and lotions.


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Great thread!!! I think one of the only black owned companies I tried was carol's daughter and for the most part, I didn't like it.


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^^Darcy's Botanicals Transitioning Creme is amazing & I hear the daily leave-in is great too!

I'm 4b/a relaxed


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Darcys Botanicals Not sure if shes black or not and i couldnt care less. She has quality products at an affordable price.
- the detangling milk is a nice moisturizer and provides losts of slip. I use it as a daily leave in
- the tranny cream is a heavy cream that i use to detangling when i get out of the shower
- the conditioning pomade is nice for laying back my edges and adding shine
- i used the vanilla styling cream to add moisture after i wash


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Hey guys! Heres a list and video of Black Owned Product Lines and Companies!!
I found this person youtube and they list mostly all the the black own hair companies.


For people who can't view the list here it is:
Afrikan Republic
Anita Grant Asha's
Beauty4Ashes Beauty
Bee Mine
Black Earth
Blended Beauty
Carol's Daughter
Cornrows & Co
Created by Nature
Curl Junkie, Curls
Darcy's Botanicals
Hairveda HPO
Hydratherma Naturals
Inky Loves Nature
Karen's Body Beautiful
Kinky Curly
Komaza Care
Kynk Naturals
La Boutique Organics
LaVida Given by Nature
Long Lovely Locks
Miss Jessies
Mixed Chicks
My Honey Child
Nubian Kinks
Ohm Body
Oyin Handmade
Qhemet Biologics
The Hairoine
Treasured Locks
Uncle Funky's Daughter


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afroveda: curling custard, shea amla buttercream
karen's body beautiful: hair nectar and hair milk
beemine products: growth serum

natural 3c/4a hair
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Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Shampoo

Great natural ingredients, the stuff smells amazing, gives a good amount of lather, it leaves my hair clean and very moisturized (I could get away with no conditioner,) it's very reasonably priced.... Downfall: parabens