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*~Praise Report Thread~*


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I just wanted to give a praise report. I was in danger of losing my home. in totality the whole process was a long 2 years. So much stress, wondering what was going to happen in regards to where would I be living. well, as of last week, I bought my house CASH. no monthly payments, none of that. i paid less that 4 times what my house is worth. i just wanted to say that God will give you a testimony that is yours and yours alone. nobody could have helped me but God. i went so many different routes and was turned down. but about 2 weeks before everything came together. God dropped in my heart that delayed is not denied. also the scripture when Daniel was praying and how the angel told him his prayer was heard on the first day but he was held up with the king of Persia and was delayed with the answer. be encouraged yall :). i am so grateful to the ladies of this prayer forum. it was a silent request of mine. sometimes things hurt so bad you cant speak on it, and also the enemy can sometimes use what comes out of your mouth. God bless you all.


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The battle is not mine

I got an email today sorting out my programme at school from my HOD! I'm so happy! I prayed on it, claimed it, and every time a negative thought came into my mind I rejected it.

Thank you Jesus!


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Something unfortunate happened to me last week, something I never thought would ever happen in my entire life, and God came to my rescue! He clearly showed me that He can work in mysterious ways! For the past few years, I have been doubting God's existence, and since this incident, I am a believer and my faith has strengthen! Thank God for His mighty power and mercy! :yep:
After God delivered me from this unfortunate situation back in March, there was months of worry about the outcome. It required even more faith and trust in God. Well, at the end of last month, a favorable outcome was granted! I was extremely relieved and thankful! It made me think about no matter how unhappy you may feel or how things may not be going your way, there is a God and He is there for you! He is teaching me contentment and patience. I am still learning, growing, and hoping for the best to come in this life if it be God's will.


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Yesterday, I got a call from the VP of Business Affairs. She told me that since May when they were discussing the budget, they have been considering making me an accounting supervisor and increasing my pay. I hope that this happens soon, like this year!
Even though this promotion did not happen back in 2012, I am still grateful to have a job. The VP of Business Affairs retired back in October of 2012 and a new VP was hired who is one of the meanest dumbest women I've ever met. She did not grant an increase in pay for my position, but yet, hired a new associate VP and accounting director this year. The previous associate VP and accounting director left because of her. Right now, I'm searching for jobs outside of this place, but I am hanging in there until God opens up another door for me. But at the same time, I am learning to be content with where I'm at in this moment in time.


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Today I was able to buy a Lexus cash!!! I have a reliable car. Thank you Jesus! !!!!! GOD is sooo good.

I use to drive an old car...leaked gas, car would shut off while waiting on the light to change ..I was nervous during rush hour cuz folks be mad :lol:

Now praise the LORD I have a reliable car! Debt free!!!!!

I put up my old car for sale on Craigslist and a bunch of folks are contacting me. One guy wants to trade a scooter and pay cash for the difference as he cannot afford a car but has a baby on the way. I want to just give it to him for free. It's about to be Christmas afterall.


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My mother finally got a solution to her recurring dry cough. She has had this cough for years and no one could determine the root of it. A herbalist suggested that it was a bacteria earlier this year and yesterday she went to another specialist and it is definitely a bacteria and he gave her some remedies for it.

To God be the glory!


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I put up my old car for sale on Craigslist and a bunch of folks are contacting me. One guy wants to trade a scooter and pay cash for the difference as he cannot afford a car but has a baby on the way. I want to just give it to him for free. It's about to be Christmas afterall.
Aw! This is so kind! He would definitely need the car and extra cash for his growing family.


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posted this in prayer request thread on 1/22/14:

I would like to ask for your prayers. A few days ago, my perinatologist told me that I have what is called placenta previa. This has to do with the location of the placenta (not its functioning). It is over my cervix, completely covering my cervix, and that could cause some complications. So, please be in prayer and in agreement with me for the following:

*that the placenta will “migrate” away from the cervix by the 32nd week

*that I will not have to go on bed rest

*that the baby will not need to be delivered prior to 37 weeks (at least 38 is my personal preference) and will be completely healthy

*that I will not have to have a c-section

Thanks loves!
I'm blessed to report that the placenta previa has "resolved" and is no longer covering my cervix at all! THIS WAS THE LORD'S DOING! It is almost never that it resolves this early--I am 26 weeks. Yes, I did shout and throw up my hands right there in the exam room! Glory to Jesus!


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Had a situation regarding a group project. I was sending in work and not getting any feedback. Prayed on it and it's just that the group leader was ill. Praise be to God for his love and mercy!!!!


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This is my 3rd time posting this on LHCF so don't side eye me...I'm just excited.

:wave: Great news from dh's PET/CT! All is well although they are suggesting he visit an ENT because there is something funky going on with his nasal passages & tonsils. They believe it to be allergies, nothing serious or cancerous.

To God Be The Glory....


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I have a praise report on behalf of a friend's sister:

The sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer recently. Tumors were all over her body but Glory to God things transformed. The major tumor that was taking her life disappeared and after 2 radiation treatments the other tumors are now gone. The doctor's can't explain it but we know it was the power of God!!! She went in one person but is coming home a new creature in Christ.


SN: Please pray for another friend's husband. He had stage 3 bone marrow cancer last year. It went into remission but I learned today that it's back.


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I finally! Have my state's license as a therapist! It's been a long 4 years and 3 exams later. God has surely blessed me! His timing is perfect. I have new opportunities that came up too. This is just the beginning. God has really blessed me with my heart desires! I owe my life, body, and mind to HIM! Thank you Jesus!!! Lord I worship you! I praise your name!!

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Today I nearly drowned.

Friday night, a friend who I haven't spoken to in years (which is a shame since we went to school together and live less than 5 minutes apart) messaged me and told me that he had a dream about me and wanted to find out how I was. I told him that I was fine. He told me that he would message me again in a couple of weeks for us to catch up.

Last night I had a dream about my dog (I was away from home). I dreamt that I was petting him, scratching his belly and neck etc. The dream was very vivid. I was actually feeling her fur, licks etc. I woke up and snapped myself out of it saying that when people have those types of dreams, they die soon after.

This morning, I decided to go to the beach alone. It was before 7am when I reached. The first thing that went wrong is that I did my bathsuit top wrong. It was upside down :blush:. Usually I check that my bits are in before changing and I was wondering why it wasn't fitting right. There was a couple that was far away and a man that was close to me on the beach. No lifeguards were present as it wasn't officially open or anything. So I'm enjoying the seclusion etc. Didn't have to think about my tummy or anything. I did notice that the currents were strong though. Then this huge wave came. Huge!!!! I love waves so I was like yes! It covered me and I felt myself tumbling over and over. I'm not sure how long it lasted but it seemed like forever. I trying to feel the ground but I wasn't. I thought "Liftedup, just paddle, once you paddle, you will reach the top". Then I thought, if I'm at the bottom of the ocean then how on earth can I reach the top. The top will be far off. When I stretched my arms up, all I felt was water and my feet wasn't reaching anywhere. I was convinced that I was drowning. My thought at this point was "this is what people experience when they drown..."

Then, the sea literally spat me out. I tumbled out onto the shore. I was a bit confused, I was having a Gilligan Island moment. I thought I washed onto some weird shore. After getting myself together (and swimsuit together :blush:) I saw the man who I met there on the sand. He came up to me and said that he saw the wave and ran and when he turned back he saw me go under and wasn't seeing me. At that point I was really shaken up, I thanked him for his concern and another guy came up and when he heard what had happened he left.

When I reached back to the hotel, I was coughing up sand, sand was in my nose and running out of my ears. Inside my bathing suit was caked in sand. A short while after, I also got a couple of calls from my mother, brother, a friend and my mother's friend who invited me to have breakfast with her. Who knew that I'm so loved.

The aftermath is an ear infection and my toe seems to be broken. Otherwise, I'm fine.

I thank God for life, mercy and love. Suddenly, all the little things doesn't seem to matter anymore.


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LiftedUp.. I'm just glad to hear to hear you're OK .. Praise God!!! Praying for speedy recovery to your ears and toe. God bless~


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It was very scary. I'm surprised that I remained so calm and I didn't open my mouth. My brother said that it sounded like a rip current and he's shocked that it didn't take me further out into the sea like it usually does and that it pushed me back out. I'm still very calm and thanking God for his mercy.

eta: He also says that my toe is just sprained


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It was very scary. I'm surprised that I remained so calm and I didn't open my mouth. My brother said that it sounded like a rip current and he's shocked that it didn't take me further out into the sea like it usually does and that it pushed me back out. I'm still very calm and thanking God for his mercy. eta: He also says that my toe is just sprained

LiftedUp, praising God you're ok. I could have drowned once. I was at a hotel pool for a family reunion. I was in the deep end, hanging with family yet holding on to the side/wall for balance. Somehow, I slipped off and sunk. I couldn't swim so a cousin, that was on the wall with me, reached in and caught me before I sank too deep. It was scary. I got my butt out of that water. I have since taken swim lessons but I'm still not a great swimmer but hope I can save self if that ever happens again. I hope to return to swim lessons to learn better technique. I really want to big the myth that we can't swim.


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LiftedUp, surely that was God who spewed you out of the water as He did Jonah from the belly of the whale.

I am so happy that you are okay. Once again, your name, flows into action... for in this situation, you were indeed 'high and lifted up'.

Praise Jesus... Amen.

No more lone beach shoreline visits, okay? :grouphug2:


My marriage has been rocky for months and I have been praying for things to get better. I stopped drinking after our last big fight in October and I am going on 2 months sober! I have been drinking off and on since my teens and I know that isn't what God wanted for me.

My mother in law has also quit drinking and that is a huge accomplishment. She has struggled with drug addictions and alcohol most of her life. I am blessed to be a positive influence in her life. I am thankful for the opportunity to start over and improve my life and health.

Unfortunately DH is still binge drinking and staying out late. I have given it to God. I am at peace now. Last night I slept like a baby. No tears, no worries...despite the fact that he didn't make it home. Me and my kids are going to be just fine with or without him.