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*~Praise Report Thread~*


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Perhaps it's my turn. I just want to say I thank God for this board. Ladies on this board have been so kind to me. I am grateful for your support. You ladies make yourselves available when there is no sister, brother or parents. I want to say thanks to everybody!:bighug:


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this is the Psalm (the only one I know by heart, I believe) that is overwhelming my heart so much tonight repeatedly so that I just hear myself in my heart nonstop speaking and feeling it! have noticed this subforum since I joined and wondering if I should click. will use this thread to share these moments or read through previous posts if I need the refreshment
this is my favourite link to remind myself of it because I prefer to look at the earlier versions, but can get a thorough feel by reading all of them, iykwim.

I feel like my heart is beside the still waters with David tonight, after several distressing interactions with my XH.. because I know my goal is not to get approval or safety from the person but from God and with God. And then when I thought that , and thought I will keep on, not connect to the distressful thoughts..and God will fade out that feeling -- is when this immediately came into my mind again and again and the feeling washed over me.

not Christian but praise of God especially among sincere people, is what every human being craves imo.
not saying its the only thing but IMO it is the one thing that connects everyone including those whose every other need is fulfilled and have the best of everything, we still long for it, whether we know or acknowledge it or not


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
This was a great day after a difficult time worrying for kids-- yesterday + today worked out perfectly, despite difficulties with the foot and all..
Recited PSALM 23 on way back, in AM, because it totally was my feeling 100%, from the relief and happiness

Best miracle (THANK YOU GOD ), my son used his PECs properly for things other than video (SLEEP). Huge!!


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Thanks to God for protecting my loved ones
Thanks to God for blessing me through good people
Thanks to God for removing the people who caused distress and had bad intentions (wolves in sheep's clothing)

thanks to God:
For a new day and waking up wanting to start the day
For good teachers
For food water and indoor heating
For portable heater (Could not sleep due to the cold before) brought over
For good people wherever I go


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I praise and thank God for every good and for giving me more good in ways I cannot imagine beforehand, for where I live and what I eat. I thank God for putting kindness for me in people's hearts, even those who hurt me before, helping me now


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Thank you God for helping me study and giving me a website to get my 'social fill' for breaks so I don't feel depressed and lonely.

Thank to God for making items come to use now that I know what to do with them, and putting it in my head to do so!
All credit to God for keeping kids safe and healthy through us and other adults around them.

Thank You God for being the Truth, the Light, and the Most Powerful upon Whom we can lay our burdens and our worries for our friends and family and people we do not personally know.
And Who guides us to do right by people where we can, AND
gives us the means to do so.

Thanks to God for giving us a leader who has a soul and a conscience. Thanks to God that there are enough good people in power in the country that we aren't dealing with the sort of injustice Americans are subjected to.

Thanks to God for helping me distinguish truth from falsehood, and not leaving the matter confusing lest I proceed on a whim (as per Abu Bakr).

Thanks to God for guidance, purpose, and contentment. Thanks to God for having a place to write all this out and not feel unsafe or like I'm putting my family in danger, simply
for proclaiming YOUR Glory and gratitude to you - unlike so many millions out there that I know of who are suffering, for such a basic thing! Protection from God, goodness from God, and may God protect us from the foolishness or evil of ourselves,
or of those around us, and protect us from our mistakes, and others' mistakes, as He has done so far


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Thank You God for making it so I can look back on these posts when my spirit lags..and be reminded of all it was I thanked You for before in total sincerity and awe! Esp the Psalm 23 one which I still can come back to and feel exactly the same (never fails) due to the strength beauty n poetry of those words total eloquence that paints the whole scene in a way you feel you are there with your messenger

Thank You for making me verbal and hyperlexic so I never have the frustration of being totally unable to put into words the entirety of what I wish to Express.
Thank You for my excellent and perfect angelic sons. Thank You for giving me understanding of their feelings even if they cannot say them so zi can respond in a way that might reach them better esp in the elder's loneliness.
(I ask you to increase friends and happiness and communication for him n understanding for him of others and others of him!!)
Thank you for Tanya who gave him the presents Ll the way ar XHs home n did not forget him n the presents he soooooo appreciated!! Thank You for protecting and helping her and her family.

Thank You for the clean pure heart of ppl like her who stay away from nastiness even if immersed in it thru no reason but others' injustice and wrongdoing YET still maintain so much strength and love in her heart that she does things like that.
Thank You for having her brother be able to move to help her since her parents no longer can

Thank You for MY brother and his help as well.

Thank You that I can look at others' posts that there is an outlet to see it and be refreshed by them
Thank You for ppl who continue to love each other FOR YOUR SAKE through PRAISING YOU.
Thank You for keeping me away from hypocrisy bcuz I doubt hypocrisy can ever let anyone feel satisfied

(after I read about a lady who lived a farce for no discernible reason)
Thank You for giving me nutritious juices today gifted by someone else!! And for my son!!.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Thank you, Lord for people like @bzb1990 who recognize the need to give you thanks and praise even for the smallest deeds and acts of kindness of others.
Thank you for that maybe that's why in daily life I've been more God conscious these past couple of days. Since if we give thanks God magnifies or increases that thing.

Thank You God for whatever balance You put in our lives though we may go to extremes always guiding us to the balanced way in different ways. Thank You for expanding our knowledge of what is beneficial and making it useful in our lives.