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Pray For God's Will


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Just writing this post as a loving reminder that we should always pray for God's will. Whether it's for career, what degree to pursue, who to marry and when...we pray for God's will. It's no good for me to fervently set my affections on a certain job, if that Job is not God's will for me. And at much as it hurts when it is you that is in the "unfortunate" precadiment, sometimes God intentionallty uses adverse circumstances to teach us somethings....to produce the most growth...and set us up for the future. I came to know the Lord the most and was "forced" to be with him on two occasions. The first was after a breakup and the second was when my career was postponed for an entire year. I was at home on my momma's couch, sulking...but then I sought the Lord. I was still struggling with my desires but I remember reading Gods word doing that time like never before and during that time God set up the foundation for the my love for his word. I will never leave, God. Never. No matter what happens, no matter what losses I suffer... because of the foundation God built. I spent that time learning his word and seeking him, and it has been invaluable to my walk. God has a greater perspective than we can ever have. It's no good for me to fervently pray for marriage right now, if God can use me to serve the Kingdom more right now if I am single. It's no good for singles, not to pray for marriage if it's God's will for you to be most effective through marriage right now. We should not assume that God's will is always automatic...he says "we have not because we ask not." It may be his will for you to be married right now. But nevertheless we pray for God's will. Not our own. Paul prayed three times that the Lord relieve him of his affliction, but God did not do it. But what Paul got was great! If it is his will for you to be single right now, then there is an intention behind it. We lean on his understanding, not ours. And it does not mean we don't have our own desires, Christ himself asked God to take the cup from him, but he said nevertheless not my will but yours be done! He was submitted to God. Let us likewise submit to God. It does not matter how fervently we pray for things that are not God's will OR at the time God wills it! God will do what he wants. We can't use the word to force God's hand. Unless the Lord builds this house, the labor is in vain. He says the fervent effectual prayer of the righteous man availeth much. What is an effectual prayer? One that lines us with God's will. I don't want to sound imbalanced, God does not allow us to suffer lack of the things you need (Psalm 34:10).

I didn't remember until recently my memory was jogged...and I can't believe I forgot it...but there was a season when I prayed fervently to be married, fervently and continuously. I would pray for my marriage before I would even begin to intercede for others, I am serious! It had the firstfruits of my prayers. But you know, my intention was to use God's word to speed up his timing. I prayed for the relationships that I was in. Today, I am still single. Where those wasted prayers? Maybe. Maybe not. Was I effective for God's kingdom at that time. Absolutely not. Praying for a godly husband is good. But praying for God's will and effectiveness for his Kingdom...right now, whether married or single is better. At the time, I didn't know for sure if God called me to be married. I do not know God's will for everyone regarding marriage. But I do know, is that we pray for his will! I do know he has a good life and a plan for everyone. And I know his timing allows what he wills to be sustained. Yes, he does give the desires of your hearts. I had a first choice for college, I got my second choice. I had a first choice for grad school, I got the second choice. I wouldn't change either decision. I found Christ in college and it was a foundation I couldn't have gotten anywhere. Did God give me the desire of my heart? Absolutely! But it was on his timing and his plans prevailed, not mine. I notice the seasons in my life are better when I am not trying to speed up the pace and force my will. All I am saying is that it is most beneficial to pray God's will and not assume. Allow him to direct your prayers and focus to what his will is for you in every season. Maybe you are in your Esther moment of preparation. Maybe it is a long ways off. There may be "a will" he has called you to right now that will set you up for your future. And do wonders for his Kingdom and the one beyond this. Remember, God is not short-sighted. And it doesn't mean that God does not consider our desires. He does! He hasn't forgotten anybody. Hannah prayed and she was given a son. But she also submitted to God and she also promised to give the child to the Lord. Time is precious. Submission is asking God to show you what to do with this time while you are single. Pre-emptive prayer for a Godly marriage is good. It always will be and is wise. But God has called us to pray for so many other things too, has he not? Are we praying fervently about what he has already revealed for us to pray for? I am just talking from my own experience, like I said, marriage had the first fruits of my prayers. Have we devoted the same energy to the gospel of Christ or his Kingdom? We are accountable. It is always good to be prepared. But what if this is not his will. Or what if this is not his timing? What if he has another mission for you to do first?

God is not just concerned about you getting your "promised land." Make no mistake, he desires for you to have it. But He is more concerned with you being able to sustain the promise land when you get it. We like to hear about the children of Israel inheriting the land, but how many times were they driven out of it? They forgot their God. We have to submit to God and learn what we need to in the season we need to learn it. What we do not conquer before we inherit the promise land will conquer us within the promised land. No matter how you slice and dice scripture, his greatest commandment will always be greatest. God first! With all your heart, mind, and soul. God's Kingdom...with the same zeal and fervency that you seek his promises! That;s why he says if you delight yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires. The desires are the easy part. "The all other things added is the easy part." Love you ladies, this was written in love and not targeted toward anyone. And as always, this is a message for myself first, before anyone else.

NOTE: This is not intended to derail anyone's faith or diminish anyone's dreams or breakthough, have great faith! I John 5:14-15.


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These words are so, so very true. Thank you for sharing, sidney.

Praying for God's will is the best prayer one can pray for oneself. Who better to direct our paths than the Lord himself. Whenever I have tried to be the director of my own path, I always made a mess. :lol: I also lost sight of the Lord. Whenever I pray for His will, beautiful things manifest. :)

Yes, pray for God's will.

Bumping. :)


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Matt 6: 8....... For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.
9. "In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.
10. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as [it is] in heaven.

God already knows the end from our beginning.....He already knows what we need, prayer is our talking to our daddy, and yes it should be praying his will!

Amen, amen and amen!!!!:grin:
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