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Prayer request


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I have been facing a lot of hard moments those days.
I am feeling more and more depressed about the fact that I am single. I am 27 and never had a real relationship. It never last.
I really want to meet the right person. For a long time I have been able to be positive about my situation but now as time goes by and everbody around me (friends, family, coworkers) are getting married, pregnant... I cannot find the power to stay positive anymore and say that one day It will be my turn.

I just feel lonely, abandonned by God. I had to wait for a lot of things to happen in my Life and I wish I wasn't oblige to wait for this too. For me, and because of my state of mind right now it's as if He wanted me to wait to be happy too.

I am waiting not knowing when it will happen. I don't even Know if it will ever happen one day.

I really feel desperate and I don't remember beeing like that about my singleness. I feel like I can't live like this anymore.

I want you ladies to pray for me as I don't Know anyone to talk about that. I think it's useless to complain about singleness because it will not change anything but sometime I really need some support with my situation.

Pray for me,help me wait if I have to. Pray fo me for He make it happen for me to.

Thank you so much.

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Hey lady,

Thank you for fellowshipping with us. Just wanted to let you know that God cares that you are hurting. But He doesn't want you to forego happiness just because you are single. Colossians 2:10 says we are complete in Christ! Do you believe Him? Its true. You do not have to be down and depressed...you can be filled! I fully believe this with my whole heart that life with Christ is satisfying and full of purpose and joy! And this does not exclude marriage, but being complete in Christ will enhance your marriage when you get one. There are many unhappily married people. As hard as men try, they cannot complete us because that is not what they were designed to do. That is Gods role. And I believe that the best marriages happen when two complete people join together to serve God and eachother. I encourage you to seek a deeper relationship with God, we can always grow closer..nd I agree, please read Healther Lindsays blog.

Praying for you...