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I feel that you never pray enough. Or ask for others to pray with/for you.

Dear friends,

I have a prayer request. I dont know if I am asking for too much but I have a prayer for three people.

One is my friend who right now seems to have lost faith in prayer. It made a little sad that she didnt think that it was effective. She is working two jobs and doesnt even have time to think about her future and I just feel like she is very unhappy. She works almost every day to help support her family, her father, and two younger siblings, while her father slips into depression and his health is not well. I just want for her to have hope in life and faith that God will see her though. I just wish that something good could happen so that she can enjoy life again and her father can get his joy back.

The second person is a friend who has mental health issues. I have tried to be there tirelessly for her, during her calls at all hours of the day and night, her repeated calls while I was at work, her hallucinations and everything. I told her we should go to church, and she said WE, when you start speaking french?? I realize I cant fight this for her and it is wearing me down because I have neglected myself. I just wish the Lord would touch her life, and help her get through.

The last person is myself. I am a worryer. I am trying to be positive and have hope and faith in God and his plan for me. I need strength to overcome all obstacles. I NEED MY JOY BACK. I want to smile and have joy even when times arent great. I want to rejoice even when the devil is trying to get me and say you WILL NOT TAKE MY JOY AWAY. I need help for strength to get myself healthy, to eat right, lose weight and have silly as it sounds to grow my hair and continue to fight.

I know these are a lot of prayers but I know prayer works. I pray these every day and night and even when I am walking down the street or working.

I am in search of a church home and will pray for God to give me the answer to where I will find that place. I made a list of the qualities I would like in a church and wrote them down:

Women's Group-ministry
Bible Study
Gospel choir- or any choir to sing the praises of God
Community Outreach
Life Management

I guess I am looking for a church that will be like a community to praise the Lord and to encourage people to live the best lives according to the WORD.
God bless you all.


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Hi Ladies, I also have a prayer request. My husband and I have relocated to North Dallas from New Orleans.We are looking for the perfect house and we know that God has it for us.We would like to stay in the area where my son attends school its called Coppell.In addition we need a Christian family to rent our house out in New Orleans in January.Thanks all yall mighty prayer warriors.