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Prayer Request


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Hi Ladies:

I am asking for your prayer. Even though I don't know you personally, you all have become like family to me.

Here is the situation. Lately, I've been feeling God directing my life down a different path. At first I couldn't see what He was trying to do, but now, I'm beginning to. For the last few years, He has separated me from friends and family (not because they were bad, but just to bring me nearer to Him). Anyway, I had certain ideas about my life (work in corporate America, get married, have kids, be a nice wife and mom, etc.). However, I feel like He's trying to bring me out of that idea, and into a more dynamic one.

I admit it's not comfortable for me, because I am naturally shy and quiet, and I don't see myself as someone who could do the work I think He wants me to do. However, He's trying to show me that He knows me better than I know myself and that I should trust Him. I am asking for your prayers that I will gain greater confidence in His will for my life.

Second (sorry so long). Along those lines, I've always been a person who feels other people's grief and pain (so much that you might think I was going through it instead of them). Anyway, I am becoming worried about some members of my family. On one side of my family, everyone is doing well. They are professionals/business owners, they are happy and in love with their spouses, their children are doing well, they love the Lord, etc. However, on the other side, my heart grieves for some of my family members. They are not doing as well. They are depressed, not reaching their God-given potential, and ending up in situations that are going to ruin them. It grieves me to see this going on, and I worry about the future of that side of my family. I know they are capable of more than that, but I don't know how to tell them. Others have tried, but they only say "those people are uppity, and think they are better than everyone." That's not really true. Even though they aren't related by blood, they are related by marriage, and people have tried to be supportive without being judgmental. Although I am blood, I feel like some of them look at my life, and my siblings lives and have resentment. It has taken me a long time to say that, because I felt guilty saying it (it reinforced the "you all just think you are better than everyone" mentality they tried to put on us). We didn't choose what family we were born into, or what our parents did for a living (by the way, it's my mom's side I'm talking about). Our mom grew up like them (they were poor). Their parents gave them a wonderful example of a beautiful black family.

They didn't have much materially, but they sacrificed to send their kids to Catholic schools, or schools in suburbs so they could get a better education. They did whatever they had to do to get all of their children to college, and they did. However, some people chose not to finish, and have struggled in life because of choices they made (womanizing, alcoholism, etc.). Some finished, and have a more comfortable life. Some have children who struggle with the same things other relatives struggled with before (hanging with the wrong crowd, getting in trouble, etc.).

Even though my dad didn't grow up like that, he's tried to be a role model to them, and he's tried to take them on like sons (and they love and respect him for it), but it wasn't enough to stop them from doing what they do.

I know that I can't control others, and I won't even try. But my heart still hurts. I pray that God changes their hearts, and ask that you keep my family in your prayers!


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cocoberry10 said:
Thank you.
Got you and your family cover in Jesus name and know that God always looks at the heart and He reward for trying to help others and wanting to help others. Your right we cannot change anybody but ourselves. Just be a example for people to see. :)