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product review


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i just washed my hair and i had great results.

shampoo-lanza protien plus(without sls)
this is a great shampoo. it is very moisturizing and it makes my hair very soft. i wish lanza wouldn't have added sls,because this is my fave product and i have never had a fave.

now don't laugh but i have very thick dry hair so i use 3 conditioners on my hair and it works so great for me.

keracare humecto- i know this sound crazy but i have to have a conditioner for relaxed hair or i will not have good results. many of u use humecto and it is very great. i like the ingrediants alot.

revlon porosity- this has been a lifesaver for me. i have used this product for almost a month and my hair has so much moisture now. if u have dry or porous hair this is the answer for u.

giovanni like silk- this conditioner is the one that made the big impact. i use the 2 cond above all the time,but giovanni made my hair soft, bouncy, flowing, and just perfect. i cannot believe how great it is. i really think everyone should try this cond.

keracare essential oils- i actually added this with my cond because i noticed alot of women use rosemary or aloe vera or something. so i thought i would try my oils and it turned out so great. my hair has an incredible shine. it is very shiny. almost like using a colourshine. i paid special attention to my ends and they are so perfect now. not one dry strand of hair on my head.

since i did a rollerset i used giovanni direct leave in conditioner and it also was great. this is the best rollerset i have ever done. i already have very thick hair and when i use a setting lotion or other leave ins i have huge hair, but the giovanni leave in did not do that at all. so that is why i am so in love with it. <font color="blue"> </font> <font color="blue"> </font>

i really loved the products, especially the giovanni which are organic and can be found at the vitamin shoppe. let me know if u have any ques. tiff


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I want to try everything you mentioned!!!

But, I have calm down w/purchases for now lol. I'm going to save this thread though.



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Sounds wonderful! I keep hearing about this porosity control. I may have to try it out. I'm really happy that you had such great success with your products. Congrats to ya.


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Thanks for the great review.
Or rather...

I shall now go back to the mantra you interrupted with that very tempting review:
"hmmmmm...aaaahhh...I shall ignore or forget all great reviews....
hmmm...aaahh-I will not give in to PJismmmmm...hmmm..."


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i use the porosity control everytime i wash, which is every week. i leave it in for 15 mins. it says 60 seconds but that would never penetrate my hair.
I'm glad to see another L'anza shampoo fan (old formula) and also the Revlon P. Control. I haven't used Porosity for ages. I used to mix it with Motions Moisture Plus (a great combo.

I have to use it again.