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profectiv mega growth(get in here)


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I love this stuff. Unfortunately it is very expensive!! I was thinking how can i make my own. They do not list the ingredients which i find very odd. What they list is wheat protien,oat protein,soyprotein,horsetail extract,wheat germ oil,olive oil,flax seed oil,jojoba oil,silk amino acids coconut oil, and grape seed oil. There is no way of telling how much of these oils are incopprated or what the main ingredients are. I was thinking of buying all of the items listed and making my own concotion. I have a mixture of 4a and 3b hair. This stuff is like a moisture dream on my hiar after a good wash. Its even good on dry hair. my youngest daughter has very coarse hair and after appling this product on her hair wet it detangles and softens it up like non other. I use it also on my oldest daughters hair who has spring curly hair. I must find a solution to making my own version. Does anyone have any ideas.