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Protective styles and edges


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Protective style wearers:

(Buns, updos, etc.) What do you attribute to healthy edges while wearing these styles?

Is it a certain method? product?



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To healthy edges I think you need to not wear your hair tight. I used wear like 3 pony holders to wear my hair:eek: !!! Now im like owwww how in the hell did i do that, at the end of the day i would be yankin my pony tail out to get some brain relief!! I use one pony holder and i wrap it 2 or 3 times. I also use castor oil on my edges and that has really helped my edges fill in. I also do daily scalp massages with my co washes. I think its more of the technique ie loose ponys and scalp massages HTH


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I don't put the front of my hair in the pony. I put the back of the hair in a pony tail then brush the front back and secure it with clips if needed.