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Protective styles galore!


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I have been falling off of the hair care wagon hardcore (and it shows), but after my most recent trim I've decided to recommit myself to growing long healthy hair. My problem is that I can't stand to be trapped in a bun all the time. One step I've taken to prevent this is buying some clip in extensions from Halley's Curls that match my relaxed texture, so that I can wear longer styles without damage to my own hair.

But what good is all that hair if I can't come up with ideas for styling?

Enter Lilith Moon : http://www.youtube.com/user/lilithedarkmoon?feature=watch

Her accent and somewhat robot-like demeanor take a little getting used to, but she has a ton of pretty protective styles on her channel, and I have learned more hairstyling techniques from her in one night than I have from most of the YouTube hair gurus combined. Definitely check her out!


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cute I just attempted her knotted braid style.



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I love her! Her natural hair is similar to mine in thickness and length, so when she does styles with her own hair, I know it'll look similar on me.


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She has some really beautiful updo styles. Maybe I'll try a couple after I straighten my hair this Saturday. Thanks for sharing OP!