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Protective Styles


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DO u ladies know of any protective styles for short hair..

I was told wrapping every night doesn't help my hair...I need to alternate but I am trying to figure out some protective styles..


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Cornrows or kinky twists is good on short hair. I think you need at least an inch and a half. Some people may require a little more length.


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I think I am going to try the braid out...
i don't think my hair is long enough for a rod set yet...

i need to do a search on doing a braid out step by step..

thanks ladies


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I've introduced my sis to LHCF, and she has hair about the length seen in your picture, and I've explained to her about the imporantace protective styling, and she now wears her hair in a small french roll, or she'll gather her hair at the nape and merely pin it down in like a "pinned up style" kind of way. Really it's all a matter of protecting the ends, so even with neck length hair you still can protective style:)