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Protective styles.


New Member
I notice that a lot of women seem to wear the protective styles to keep their hair for a longer period of time. I would like to get the pony tail and also the bun to put in my hair while I am stretching my relaxers. Could u please tell me where I can get a good online store or do you guys know of a popular store that sells them. Also I would like to know when u wear the protective styles, do you brush you hair while wet to get it in one. What is the procedure? I usually rollerset my hair when I wash. But it is kind of silly to me to roller set hair just to put it in one. My hair has recently been cut and I cant' do much with it, it is not as thick or healthy as before,and I wanted to use the protective styles for at least the end of the year, (of course relaxer in between), but I want to hold on as long as I can. Could someone please help me with the protective styles. Thanks.


The Credit Countess
I don't know where to purchase them online, however I am wearing them now to strengh out my relaxer. I CO wash my hair, add leave-ins and oil and then I lightly brush my hair smooth into a (pig) pony tail and let dry. When dried I add the phony bun and go. Sometimes I wear a bang and the bun.