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Protective Styles....


I am transitioning to natural. I have been wearing a phony ponytail for about 3 weeks. I have noticed that my temples and sides around my ears are thinning. My hair appears to have broken in some areas. My ends are thinner... I don't know, my hair prefers to be let down with no stress..It doesn't like to be pulled back in a lose bun or ponytails period. I have tried the braidouts on wet and dry hair and my hair looks like a broken down SCurl. I have used my revlon roller set two days in a row, just to have some type of style..

What would you ladies suggest since my hair doesn't like protective styles? It prefers to be left alone. Also, it doesn't like braids either...

Would using the Revlon rollerset become too damaging if used more than 3x per week?

Thanks in advance.


New Member
Hi! I have been transitioning for a few months. My hair has grown almost 3 inches since my last relaxer. My daily styles are buns, pin-ups, and twist-outs done on freshly conditioner washed hair... :D