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Protein Overload


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So I've always had very soft, fine medium density, low porosity (I believe) curly hair (3b/3c/4a). Throughout the years, I've always used Generic Brand Shampoos and Conditioners, but four years ago I decided to start using DevaCurl products and I noticed immediately a change in my hair texture -- my fine hair became coarse and dry and brittle and unruly. My hair texture and curl pattern has changed completely. Immediately after this, I started using pretty much all Oils and different deep conditioners and leave in products. However, my hair has not changed and it continues to be rough and dry to the touch and I feel like I've tried every product to restore my hair. I've cut my hair several times to a buzz cut, but it continues to grow in the same post-DevaCurl. I don't know what to do and I wanted to see if anyone has this experience. Recently, I was thinking, I may have Protein Overload and I wanted to see if that is a possibility and what you guys recommend I should be doing. I've cut my hair a few dozen times since and my hair issues started almost 4 years ago


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@arcanine384 DevaCurl products had a major Recall a few years back due to problems similar to WEN. There is a thread here on the Board. They were accepting DevaCurl products and Refunding money due to problems/issues users were having with their Hair.

I'll ask @vevster to come in here as well. There are others.

But we all sent products back and got our money.


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Back in the fall of 2016, I decided to get a Deva cut and began using the decadence line exclusively. It temporarily ruined my hair. I didn’t have an issue with protein overload but it made my hair super mushy. My hair was stretchy like bubble gum when wet but crispy feeling when dry. Over time my hair acted like I had a really bad bleach job and I didn’t even have any color in my hair at the time. I followed the curly girl method as outlined in the book to a T.

That is what prompted me to try incorporating protein. I started light and it did nothing. Then I went in with the big guns aka aphogee 2 step. It stopped the overly mushy tangled hair, but my hair didn’t feel better until many months later. My hair looked really thin and dusty. I think I used too much protein.

I eventually stayed in braids and then decided to put in micro locks. That’s when I rekindled my love for shampoo and especially clarifying shampoo. My hair instantly became soft again. My lazy locs install consisted of braiding the roots 2 inches down and twisting the rest. The twists unraveled and I had shiny perfectly defined curls on the ends for many months with only using shampoo. In hindsight, I probably should have just clarified my hair.

I always attributed it to the Cg method instead of the products themselves that messed up my hair. I could be wrong.

I can’t say why you are continuing to grow out that weird feeling hair. Do be aware our bodies change in cycles like roughly every 7 years. Also, certain oils like coconut oil can make hair feel hard. When is the last time you clarified your hair? Did you start anything different back when you started Deva curl but continued the practice?

Nothing you’ve mentioned so far sounds like protein overload. At first, I was thinking you were implying that you may have something akin to Devacurl “scab hair.”