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Protein Treatments/ Tea Rinses on Natural Hair?


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I was just wondering, if your hair is natural, do you do protein treatments or tea rinses?

My hair is 4a/4b natural and I have not done any protein treatments for the past two years.... but I have kept my hair in a sew-in the majority of the time. I am thinking protein is something I want to add to my hair regimen maybe once every 4 weeks.


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I want to try black tea rinses, I bought some at Kroger the other day but I havent used it yet. I have done a protein treatment a few times and I have done it once when I really didnt need it, and trust me it does more harm than good to do it "scheduled" rather than as needed for naturals. Only if my hair is mushy, limp, stringy will I do a pro treat. Thats all! My hair is already extra thirsty, plus my diet is rich in protein so I don't need the treatments very often.


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you can do either. you can do both as well even though i'm not sure how moisturizing tea rinses are. if you were to go the protein route, do a light protein treatment first because not all natural hair responds well to protein. i tried hair mayo (which i heard is light) and my hair was really soft afterwards. i'm thinking about doing aphogee 2 min. next because i'm guessing that it's stronger than hair mayo. not sure though