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PROVEN oil blend that stimulates hair growth!!


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I'm going to try a version of this for my brows since they are getting sparse.
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I have alopecia and have been using this mixture for about 4 months. I added 1 ml emu oil and 4 drops of cinnamon to the mixture. My dermatologist was very surprised when she looked at my scalp and asked me what I had been using to make my hair start to grow! I only use the oil mixture about 3 dys/week and wash every other day. On alternating days, I use tea tree oil and grapessed (to reduce scalp inflammation) I give this mixture 2 thumbs way, way up!
Very old thread. Lol. Are you still using this?


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Like VickiD, it worked for me to grow back bald spots. I never used it as a growth aids. I am too lazy to bother with those, plus I hate stuff on my scalp...which is why I only used this on my bald spots. Here are my results in pics:

Starting from this:

...to this in one month:

....and then to this in 3 months (No longer a smooth patch - Yay!):

Nine months or so later, I not only had the bald spot completely filled but actually the hair was growing in length too:

And eventually the hair caught up with the rest of my hair in length--of course, I was trimming the rest of my hair regularly. While the photo below wasn't taken to track the progress of that section as it had been 2 years since the discovery of the bald patch and I wasn't thinking about it, you can see from the bottom right pic that my hair shows no sign of that hair loss experience and that it's all basically the same length:
Wow. I’d love to know if you’re still using this oil