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Question on maintain natural hair


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Question on maintaining natural hair

Hello Ladies, :D

I have a few or should I say many questions. My last perm was 10/02. So I’m going for the natural styles and look, I enjoy how we as black woman can be versatile with our hair styles. I enjoy curls in the summer and flatiron in the winter. My hair is pass my bra strap when flat iron and hits the bottom of my neck line when curly. Here we go with the questions: What is the best way to grow healthy hair. Would that be using no heat, washing or not washing often? Will using products such as: castor oil, coconut oil, and shee butter help strengthen your hair and help to maintain the natural moister in our hair. I prefer doing my own hair. I haven’t been to a salon in about two years. And last how often should you trim your ends. Any and all advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance. Two shout outs I must give:

Pebbles I gotta say thank you…Your post on the newcomer guide was very helpful to new comers like myself, And Peachtree Girl, I got a lots of great tips from your journal. My hair texture is very close to yours. I never knew my hair was this curly till I mix shee butter with coconut butter and castor oil. Thanks ladies…I will be starting my journal soon.
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Using no/limited heat is definitely the best way to retain your length. I really don't know about how the frequency of washing hair affects the growth rate since I stopped pressing my hair it is hard to notice growth, and I am washing my hair more often now than I ever have. I trim my hair maybe 2-3 times a year, some people can go longer. I wear my hair down 99.9% of the time so it is harded to keep my ends nice and healthy compared to someone who wears protective styles regularly.


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I'm no expert and all the questions you asked are likely to get very different responses. So take what I or anyone else says with a grain of salt, different things work for different people. What I've been doing and I believe the results are positive so far is reducing my use of heat. I'm trying to flat iron 4-5 times a year maximum. My washing frequency varies from 1-3x a week. I use shampoo and clarify when I feel my hair needs it- once every 3-4 weeks. I'm trying to trim 3x a year. And I use various butters and glycerin based products to keep my hair moisturized. My protective styles are styles that prevent daily manipulation but some people also mean styles that keep your ends up and tucked away.


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ITA with Kristina on the protective styles being a style that requires little to no daily manipulation, like braids or buns.


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Will using products such as: castor oil, coconut oil, and shee butter help strengthen your hair and help to maintain the natural moister in our hair.

I don't know about coconut or castor, but I use shea. It helps to maintain the health of my hair. I have also become a believer in spritzing water onto the hair between washes - distilled water or a filtered bottled water like aquafina - to add moisture.


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Welcome Babygirl_00! I'd like to add to the great advice already given here. Kristina was absolutely right when she mentioned that what works for some, may not work for you. It will take some (perhaps a lot of) trial and error. I've been successfully natural since Dec. '04 and I've tried many different things since then. I keep heat out of my hair, deep condition 3-4 times a month, co-wash often but occasionally use shampoo, wear twist and braid styles often, although I will wear a wash and go sometimes. I haven't had to trim my hair since my BC in Dec. and I have no split ends or breakage and my hair is growing evenly. I pay attention to the ingredients in products, opting for products that are as natural as possible. I use shea butter, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, etc. to lubricate my hair. I spray my hair with distilled water mixed with a few drops of essential oils. My hair has been thriving. With the right mix of care and products yours will too.


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Natrlchallenge said:
Cincy, your hair is gorgeous girl! :eek: :lol: I can't wait til my hair is long enough to put on a bun! :rolleyes:

Thanks Natrlchallenge!!! Congrats on being natural :)
Sorry for the hijack ;)