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Random Hair Thoughts/Thinking out loud


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Uuggghhh. And you also have people with type 4 hair saying wash and gos aint for us. Just hush and say you've tried it and YOU don't like it for YOU. I used to think wash and gos weren't for me. Maaannn I was playing myself. I just had to find which technique & product combo worked best. Now I can flip back and forth between styles as I please.

This is how it should be. It’s hair. Some naturals have become so inflexible.


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It's been a loooong 9 weeks but its finally wash day. Oh shampoo how I've missed you. I found a way to make my routine 3rd trimester pregnancy friendly. Yesterday was henna and prepoo. Today is detangle, shampoo and condition (hopefully). After stalking some old threads, I wanna try crisco with my revair but heat damage was my old roommate and i am not trying to run into her again.


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It’s conversations like this within the natural hair community that annoy me. They serve no real purpose other than to make some naturals feel boxed in.

This post is basically saying that naturals should be doing wash-n-gos instead of twist outs, particularly if you don’t have very dense hair. This is not merely a style suggestion, this stylist is arguing that WnGs are the RIGHT style for lower density naturals. And any commenters who are giving the reasons why they still prefer twist outs, she is replying telling them they don’t like WnGs cause they’re doing XYZ wrong.

This is stupid. It’s a freaking hairstyle. It’s not your state of being. It doesn’t have to be a lifestyle choice. Do a WnG one week, do a twist out the next. It’s like arguing if people should wear beach waves vs ringlets.

It's so ridiculous. Like my entire natural hair journey has been either wash and gos or twist outs. They both look great on my hair, I just do twistouts more just because of the length of my hair and the sheer amount of shrinkage I get from wash and goes makes detangling at APL a nightmare for me.

People have to do what works best for them, and that includes haistyles. Twist-outs, wash-and-goes, relaxed hair or natural whatever works and makes them happy. It's not that serious to be fighting with people in the comments and proclaiming your way is the only way...


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Re the silly wash and go post: I really get a kick out of all the dogma these days because I started out at nappturality as my first hair board. I remember folks thought it was soooo extreme that Dee (the founder) centered type 4 hair, didn’t prioritize curl definition, and there weren’t too many discussions on heat. I never had a problem with it because to me, she always made it clear that you could just go elsewhere for that conversation, you just won’t find it here.

now it seems that there’s plenty of dogma and rigidity to go around, huh? These same folks who would have called Dee crazy are wrapped up in all kinds of dogma themselves :lol: they just didn’t like that her “dogma” was unapologetic about centering type 4 kinky hair.


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I got this one from Amazon: .
I felt a little guilty for not buying from a smaller seller via Etsy or something but I just can’t beat that quick Prime shipping.

Make sure you check the spacing of the marks or lines to make sure they are properly spaced. I bought a made-in-china length check shirt and the lines were not evenly spaced and not up to one inch apart.


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Just did a random little scalp massage with a shampoo brush that I have and never use. Feels great, I can feel my scalp tingling and stimulated in a good way. Gonna try and keep this up daily and also start using the shampoo brush to shampoo too. Lol I don’t know why I never use this thing.