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Random Hair Thoughts/Thinking out loud


I finally washed my hair. The itching is gone. I did an overnight prepoo with coconut oil. I used Cream of nature Argan oil shampoo and did a dc with morrocan oil conditioner. This was my best blowout in a long time. I made sure my hair was squeaky clean.


Aka Giveme D’Monee
I just saw something pretty traumatizing for me and I told my family. They pretty much said “that’s tough” and went back to what they were doing. No asking how I feel or anything. Anyway here’s a picture of my hair. Who knows when’s the next time I’ll get it done.


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Aka Giveme D’Monee
Dang, I wanna put twists in already. I’m so over this straight hair. It’s sticking up already lol but I sleep like I’m fighting.


Aka Giveme D’Monee
This twisted style is looking like it’s only gonna take me one pack. I’m barely through the first bundle and I’m almost halfway done. It’s most definitely because I’m doing a bob style :lol: My head size grows exponentially when I have hair on my head. Otherwise I look like Mr Clean peanut head self:lachen:


Aka Giveme D’Monee
I have so much hair stuff. I have (2)200 qt clear totes. Both of them are filled to the brim. One is filled with hair, the other with products, tools, and accessories. This is not counting what’s in my bedroom, what’s in the bathroom, and things I haven’t gone through yet. Maybe I need to chill for a bit and buy only the essentials that I currently use (tgin green tea, Shea nilotica).
Oh snaps, I forgot I have a tote of diy hair stuff at my dude’s house :perplexed: :lachen::abducted: