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RE:How do you survive???/For Relaxed Heads


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Thanks everyone that commented on my thread. I forgot to mention that my hair is about end of my neck length and it touches my necklace when I wear one. What length is that??? Also it is very difficult to put my hair in ponytails. Do they sell rollers for roller sets that are tiny in order to roll my hair?? if so.... where can i get them??? When you put your hair in phony ponys, do you put get to slick down your ends????



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Re: How do you survive???/For Relaxed Heads

I'd say it was Neck Length.

And yes, they sell small rollers for shorter hair, usually available at the same BSS you would get a bigger roller.

And I haven't worn phony ponys in a while, but I did use gel for my edges; now I'm just better off cowashing, putting in a little extra condish, and tying down with a scarf.