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Read this before you buy anything else!!!


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Very good post that I saw last year/skimmed over but this year I read it and realized I could have saved my PJ self some money. Betta late than neva.


What 40 looks like.
What an absolutely all-encompassing thread for hair care! All newbies should read this!

Thanks to gymfreak, Artemis, and sistaslick for all of their contributions. Mods PLEASE sticky!


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This is excellent useful information. I just purchased the Joico family of products such as the Chelating Shampoo, Cuticle Sealer, Hydrator and Reconstructor. I will be using this weekend excited to see how my hair reacts to this after I get a touch-up.


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Wow, I remember reading this as a lurker. It's so important to do things with understanding; it saves you time and money. This thread, as well as Sistaslick's articles, really helped me out in the beginning stages of my hhj.
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