Read this before you buy anything else!!!


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Subscribing - this should be bumped weekly for newbies to get to it first:)
It would be even better as a sticky! Right there at the top for everyone to read and learn from! Hopefully, that happens. There is so much information in this thread to allow it to keep getting forgotten amongst so many other threads. This should be pinned at the top! :yep:


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I can't believe I've been here almost 2 years and this is my first time seeing this. Thanks ladies for the wonderful information!


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So true... Even in my close to pj phase I had a goal... To find products that worked... Now that I've found a few good ones I like I don't buy new things unless its a treat... I found what worked and now I work with what I found.


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Wow can't believe I'm just now seeing this thread. Great info!!!! Thanks girls for putting it together.