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Recent Emails Received


Crazy Greek
Staff member

There have been a couple of topics started from members that feel that the site has been hacked or someone is impersonating LHCF and sending emails.


The story
Our support system decided today to stop working (as it should). As a result I had to recreate the queue, which is a function that allows the support software to receive emails from the [email protected] and create tickets from it.

Upon recreating this function, the support software started retrieving all the emails from the [email protected] mailbox and sending replies to senders, assuming that those are new tickets.

As you can imagine this is very inconvenient for all, but it is an automated process and until the mailbox clears there is little we can do. As of now we have 150 emails approximately to be processed so it should be done soon.

The problem
Members received emails from the support software for actual tickets they opened a while back (even going as back as 2010). Those were just responses for their inquiries at the time and I have closed those tickets. If you have received one of those emails, feel free to delete it or archive it.

Some members however received emails from the support system, without having ever initiated a support request with LHCF. The oddity of those emails is that although the email address is valid, the name does not match.

For those members and others that are interested:

This is a normal thing (sadly) on the Internet and a common technique that people use to send spam. So imagine this scenario (and you can apply it to the email you received)

- I am a spammer and want to sell you stuff or just send junk
- I create my email and send it to you
- Instead of using my own email address I use say Beverly's or I use for "reply to" Beverly's email address.
- If you reply to the message received you will be pretty much sending an email to Beverly and not to me.

With the above, since the support software is not a human, it will automatically reply to the "reply to" address which in our example above is Beverly.

This is pretty much what happened. An email was sent to [email protected] with the "reply to" say "Jonathan Frakes <[email protected]>". The support software picked it up and sent a reply saying that a ticket was created or updated etc. but the reply was sent to the nikos address. Clearly I am no Jonathan Frakes nor do I want ink supplies, male enhancements etc. you know the drill :)

Feel free to delete those emails. I am clearing them from our side also so that you guys don't have to worry about them.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Technology working against us :/