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Redken Deep Fuel Rave


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So my PJism got the best of me and I picked up a box of Redken Deep Fuel. Wasn't necessarily in the market for a protein conditioner but I figured what the hey?, it can't hurt. My hair wasn't breaking or anything but it was weaker than what I would've liked. It didn't really have any elasticity and would just snap when I tested a strand even thought it wasn't dry and brittle.

So I went home and washed my hair. Put a tube of the Deep Fuel in, I probably could've gotten away with just half a tube. Left on for about 30 minutes with no heat. Then I used a moisturizing conditioner and left that on for about 30 minutes. I let airdry and flat ironed my hair. My hair felt so much thicker and fuller, and yes stronger. Not very moisturized but definately not dry. I didn't really get the wow factor till I styled again the next day. Then I was like "WOW." Is this my hair? Is this what healthy hair is suppose to feel like? Talk about smoothness, thickness and strength.

I'm always testing fallen strands for elasticity but I kid you not, in the last for days I could only find about 6 full strands to test. My hair refuse to come out my head, lol. I've lost a few short strands, nothing that I would consider breakage but I'm just in awe. I can't remember the last time my hair had any elasticity. I'm relaxed and colored so you know how weak my hair was. I wish I had discovered this before I cut 2 inches off last week. Oh well.

I definately will continue thisto use product. It's suppose to last about 6-8 shampoos so I probably will only use it once a month. By far this has been my most worthy purchase so far this year besides msm.

Mzz Mac

achangedlife - I am glad you found something that works for you...that is always hard to come by nowadays. I hope it continues to workout for you and I will definitely put it on my wish list!


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Update: This treatment gives immediate results but it doesn't seem to last for me. It's suppose to last 5-8 shampoos. First treatment lasted about 5. The others I would 3. When the box finished I switched to Nexxus Emergencee. The affects of that doesn't seem to be as powerful, if you will, as the Redken, but it did the job, and I'm sure with continued use it will make a big difference.