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Regaining elasticity...


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I texturized not too long ago and it seems like I've lost most my elasticity! The texture of my hair looks the same (without frizz, though) and I left the relaxer on my hair around 2-6 minutes.

Although, the texture didn't really change, the one thing I do notice is a lack of elasticity now. Also my hair products kinda just sit on top of my head and don't soak in like they used to. My hair feels stronger but it doesn't have that stretch I'm used to.

What's a girl to do? I don't know what's going on! Why is my hair nto soaking up products and why is there no elasticity?


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Supergirl sent out a post explaining the different proteins and it listed Hydrolyzed Collagen as an ingredient that helps restore elasticity. I'll try to find it and bump it for you.


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Here are a few of the products that can help with restoring elasticity:

Nexxus Botanoil Shampoo, Humectress, Keraphix
Biolage Hydro Active Hair Masque

Also, I've never used the Keracare 5 in 1 or the Super-Reconstructor, but I know that they have hydrolyzed elastin which of course is the protein responsible for elasticity in the skin.


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I have both bone straight and texturized hair. The bone straight soaks up most conditoners and products but the texturized hair for some reason does not soak it up. I had to work with different conditioners/products to find one that my texturized hair liked.
As for loosing the elasticity from texturizing is weird because I thought when you texturize your hair still has some of it's curl which allows it to stretch and give that elasticity that usually breaks with bone straight hair...maybe I'm wrong


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You may need to clarify. Also as far as elasticity you are not going to have as much as when you were natural..but will still have more than if you were fully relaxed. Give it a few more weeks. I did alot of deep moisturizing treatmenst after I texturized and now my hair seems to have more of it's 'bounce' back...but I would clarify (do lemon rinses or acv rinses) before I deep condition under the hair dryer.


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All I needed to do was clarify! I guess since I only clarify maybe once a month and the last time I did it was two weeks ago (the last wash I did before my texturizer) I didn't think of it. My hair gained back it's elasticity! I really didn't know clarifying would help with elasticity but I guess it has to do with making my other products work better and soak in.

I was scared my hair was gonna start falling out but now it feels the same as it did natural again. I was overreacting (as I have the tendency to do).

But thanks everybody!