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Regimen Library-Let's post our regimens here


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When I do my hair once a week:

*at least every 2-3 weeks I clarify with a concoction of water, shampoo, egg, olive oil and lemon juice (no simplicity for me!)
1. pre-shampoo (avocado, egg, olive oil and something else :confused: ) set with a hot towel
2. shampoo w/ Silk Elements
3. deep condition with recipe I found on Motown Girl's website several years ago (didn't know until recently it was in Cathy Howse's book) reconstructor, coconut oil, olive oil and peppermint oil (does wonders on my hair!)
4. then I very lightly shampoo again and condition with Silk Elements conditioner
5. Silk Elements serum on ends before rollersetting
6. hooded dryer for 1 hour
7. ceramic flat iron and doobie with a satin scarf at night.


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C&G Technique using Braid Extensions until WL w NO HEAT:
Morning: Lightly apply NTM Silk Touch leave in for new growth
Night: Spray MTG Concoction at night wrap with satin scarf

CO-Wash Wednesdays:
Special Concoction with VO5 Strawberries and Cream Conditioner
MSM, carrier and essential oils, Elasta QP Intense Moisture Cond., NTM Deep Cond. warmed up in microwave first and then slathered on.

Pre-poo w warm EVOO cover w plastic cap for 30 min
Then CON 'poo
Then apply NTM Silk touch and MTG Spray/wrap w scarf for bed

Currently doing a Liquid Multivitamin and eating lots of veggies and fruit.

I wil be using this Regimen until WL but once WL will probably switch to using KeraCare and NTM and only going into braids for the summertime but with my natural hair. I love the NTM Silktouch and my MTG concoction is working wonderfully so far (3rd week and already my edges are filling in nicely!) My new growth is thick and soft. Once I am WL I want to try:

Redkin Heatglide Protectant for flat ironing only for special occasions
Coconut and Lime natural hair straightener
Nexxus Heat Protexx
Knowing that these are the things I want to try, I stay encouraged to reach my ultimate goal of wasit length mid 2008:)
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My current basic regimen:

  • Conditioner wash with Suave Milk & Honey or Suave Humectant
  • Deep condition with NTM mask or Nexxus Humectress for 30 min. under hood dryer
  • Apply Bed Head Ego Boost to ends and NTM silk touch leave-in to the entire length
  • Wrap and air dry overnight

  • Shampoo with whatever is at hand
  • Deep protein conditioner (usually Nexxus KerapHix or UBH conditioner)
  • Deep moisture condition with NTM or Humectress
  • Apply Bed Head Ego Boost to ends and NTM silk touch leave-in to the entire length
  • Wrap and air dry

  • To moisturize, I alternate lightly spritzing my hair with distilled water and sealing the moisture in with oil (usually Calm Coat)
  • Or, I apply SCurl
  • Roller sets at night with satin-covered foam rollers, or just pull it back if I will be wearing a bun or pony tail.
  • I massage my scalp each morning and evening

Special treatments:
  • I apply tea tree oil to my scalp if it is itchy
  • I apply Vigoral Vitatress to my ends when they feel dry
  • I apply Dr. Miracle’s Hot Gro (super) to my scalp when I need a little invigoration during my scalp massages
  • Touch-up (texlax) every 13 weeks or so
  • Aphogee treatment every 6-8 weeks
  • Professional pore cleaning treatment two weeks after a touch-up


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My regime: I think its pretty simple, and i've been doing this for about a year now...

- my hair typing is 3b-3c

- wash hair every 5-7 days with Keracare Hydrating Poo, backwards under the shower

- use the Keracare Humecto Conditioner mixed with the Keracare essential oils... -

- i use KERACARE leave in 1st (scrunch into the ends and throughout) and then the oil moisturizor w/ jojoba oil ....then i brush my hair into a pony (using a boar bristle brush) and cover with a baggy overnight...

- the next day i remove this and dry the excess with my hair hanging down...when 90% dry, i use LE KAIR - CASTOR OIL grease on the ends
(medium -light oil consistency and does not weigh the hair which causes breakage) to do my twists with!

- i always ALWAYS wear hair up in 8 two strand twists to bed (4 each side) and in the morning i undo them and have ringlets, which i sift into a bun, clipped under... i always wear my hair down (sometimes up) when at home.

- i relax with elasta qp no-lye MILD/SENSITIVE every 3-4 months

- i don't comb my hair but only b4 i wash (once a week)

- i use Alma oil once every 4-5 days WITHOUT FAIL as an overnight tonic (pre-poo) which keeps my hair nice and dark and also strong and shiney. I then comb the next day

- i wear a satin durag to bed, or bonnet..

- ps. i dont use any protein and i only get a reconstructor after i relax. My keracare leave in have wheat protein in it so thats probabley why, protein used to be my friend (MNT) but not anymore, that stuff gave me enough protein 2 last 4 life!!

shaniquah i may start doing the avocado treat b4 washing too... just to alternate hmmmm
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I juice everyday (carrots, spinach, parsley, celery, and an apple), i take 1000mg msm per day, 6 tablets of gueye's hair vitamins, 1 tablet selenium, 6 tablets of cod liver oil.,.
I have an mtg concoction, i use nightly (mtg, coconut oil, brahmi oil and emu oil)
I also take kelp and horsetail.
I eat primarily a vegetarian diet, but i have fish 3 x per week, 1x whitting fried, 2x salmon baked no oil added.

In ther summer I wash my hair sometimes 2-3 times per week.
I use the following:
shampoos: terme anti-hair loss shampoo every other week
simone dixidox shampoo - 1x per week -this is a treatment shampoo
1x per week gueye's detangling hair shampoo esp. after 6 weeks of new growth.

Msm conditioner 1x per month
10 en 1 after aphogee treatment 1x every 6 weeks
Simone dermocapilar mask - excellent for growth 1x every other week
1x per week gueye's stimulating scalp conditioner

After every wash I use garnier fructis conditioner and I leave in a little bit of it.

at least once per week i spray mane and tails' hair strenghtener on my hair and scalp.

pre- poo
coconut milk, with olive oil 1x per month
cayenne pepper with oilive oil. 1x per week


Co wash 3 times a week(sun, tues, thurs) w/ VO5 extra body or tea therapy either airdry in rollerset (satin covered sponge rollers) or bun

Friday poo and conditoner then ORS replenishing pak for an hour then rollerset

Detangle in the shower with shower comb while rinsing out conditioner

After every wash apply garnier fructis sleek n shine leave in conditioner then seal with coconut oil

every morning and every night apply my leave in and seal with a bit of coconut oil

Taking hair skin and nail vitamins (been taking for like 3 years or more but now that I'm learning how to take care of my hair it seems to work)

Drink lots of water, try to eat balanced and hit the gym 2-3 times a week( do my co washes mostly after my workouts)

Use no heat and only protective styles
Currently on my second stretch aiming for 20 weeks (hope i can make it to first goal apl)

So pretty simple!!!!
It works for me thus far I am able to manage my new growth and I do not miss straight styles and have grown to love & appreciate my my growth now I have leanred from the lovely ladies here all the tips for hair care while stretching relaxers. Thanks ladies!!!!!!


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Profectiv Relaxer (Every 8 Weeks)
Profectiv Breakfree
Profectiv oilsheen
Mane n tail/vo5 cond.
mane n tail/vo5 (detangler & leave-in & moisturizer & heat protectant)

Wash Day (1-2x a week)
-Condioner on dry hair for a at least an hour w/a showercap
-Rinse Conditoner w/cold water
-Apply Mane n tail/vo5 (detangler....
-Let hair airdry in rollers, flat-twists, braids, pincurls -w/e i feel like
-When my hair is dry some more mane n tail/vo5 (detangler...
MAYBE-flat iron

Morning-Profectiv Breakfree, Profectiv oil sheen

Night-Mane n tail/vo5 (detangler....) Wrap my Hair


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Since I'm in silky dreds now, I'm on a braid regimen. Basically I Surge and 1-2x a day and MTG once every other day and wash once a week with Elasta QP Scalp Stimulating Shampoo.

When I'm not in braids, my regimen will be the following:
1x Weekly- Washing: Lightly Clarify with Elasta QP Scalp Stimuating Shampoo, follow with Breakthru Shampoo, Emergencee', Deep Condition for 30+ under bonnet dryer. Styling: BBD Stretch, Surge on scalp only, Cantu Break Cure, Ion Heat protectant. Ponytail method under hooded dryer.

1x Weekly- Hot Oil treatment w/ Neutrogena, Wash w/ NTM, Deep condition for 30+ minutes. See above for styling ^.

2+ Weekly- As needed CW or C-COW-C, apply Surge, BBD Stretch and Cantu Break Cure. Airdry via ponytail method overnight.

Daily- Surge 2x, Stretch once, Moisturize twice.

Sounds complicated, but reaps great results when I keep up with it.


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I only use natural products & try to keep it as simple as possible

Hot Oil Treatment 2x a month on dry hair
- Every 2nd week: Mixture of Organic VCO & Organic Honey. From July I will add Aubrey Organics HSR
- Every 4th week: As above but use Aubrey Organics GBP instead of Aubrey Organics HSR

Shampoo with JASON Sea Kelp shampoo (fortnightly)

Deep condition with Anita Grant Rhassoul Condish - 2nd week of the month & Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose 4th week of the month

Condition wash with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose (everyday)

Moisturise with home made spritz (morning and night) - water, glycerine, aloe vera, Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Essential Oils

Seal in moisture with Anita Grant's Whipped Butter

Add Castor Oil to the ends

Clarify fortnightly with Organic Apple Cider Rinse with added essential oils


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Transitioning to Natural

Hair Type: 2b/C/iii


  • Shampoo Wash followed by conditioner or CO Wash, at least 3 times per week

  • Deep condition w/ hard bonnet dryer, once per week

  • Clarify, as needed

  • Protein Treatment, as needed

  • Airdry only! No direct heat!

  • Trim, as needed

  • Daily: Use mositurizer and some type of oil (as needed)

Products used will vary!


Reclaiming my time
Here is mine:
Wash 1-2 x week with moisturizing shampoo, follow with deep conditioner 10 mins.
Detangle with fingers.
Rinse and count to 10, squeeze out excess water and saturate with leave-in conditioner.
Moisturize daily with leave-in conditioner.
Never use combs or brushes. Never use heat.
Cover grey hair every 2 months with semi-permanent color.
Sleep with hair in a single braid on one side.


exceeding expectations...
Every Sunday
Wash with KeraCare dry & itchy
Condition with KeraCare dry & itchy conditioner
Deep Conditon with KeraCare Humecto for 60min w/out heat
Leave-In Elasta QP & NTM Silk Touch

Moisturize Daily w/ KeraCare oil moisturizer

Vitamins: 3mg Biotin, GNC ultramega, Nature Made b12 complex,1mg MSM

Thanks macherie...im trying to be like you girly!
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Cynthia's Regiment:

NO relaxer, and now NO MORE color, semi-permanent or otherwise, due to breakage (going back to henna to color my gray, it is a hassle but healthier)

DAILY: Leave-in, plus Either Pantene or Dr. Miracles, plus home made hair butter on ends (hair butter recipe below)

Daily Style: pull hair back (either straight back or part in middle or on either side), roll ends under and top with a phony pony on top.

Nightly - roll ends under lightly with bobbie pin, apply hair butter to ends, and sleep w/satin cap ontop of satin pillow in case cap falls off during sleep

Once Monthly Style: Blow-dry with Lotta Body Straight Stuff & Pantene Get it Straight Smoothing Moose; and CHI flat-iron with KeraCare Silken Seal

[Every Wednesday (temporary, to repair color damage): ION Anti-frizz straightening shampoo & conditioner, with DRC-28 deep condition. Once my hair gets back to normal I will cut out this Wednesday step]

Every Sunday (modified "Carolyn Gray" regiment):
- wash hair with Elucence Moisture Balance Shampoo or CON

- Deep condition under dryer 1/2 hr, alternating each week with one of the following:
. Aphogee Intensive 2-min keratin reconstructor
. Carrot Oil Hot Oil Treatment
. Aphogee (protein) Treatment for Damaged Hair
. Aphogee Balacing Moisturizer OR Fantasia's Aloe/Vitamin Anti-Breakage Formula Deep Penatrating Creme Moisturizer
. ORS Mayo
. ION Balanced Cleansing Shampoo w/ION Intensive Therapy Protein Rebuilder

I then rinse, apply leave-end, apply hair butter to ends, and pull my hair back and AIR DRY

Leave-in's: I alternate between Fantasia IC Leave-in Moisturizer, Extra Dry formula w/Aloe, Infusium 23, Mane N Tail Detangler, ION Anti Frizz Leave in Conditioner

Homemade Hair Butter (used daily on my ends): I melt 2 oz african shea butter, 2 oz NOW mango butter and 2 tbsp NOW coconut oil in microwave for 1.5 minutes; then add 2 tbsp EVOO, 10 drops rosemary oil, 10 drops yarrow, and 1 tbsp each of avocado oil, castor oil, aloe vera oil and emu oil. Let sit in fridge for 1/2 hr; this is moisturizes my ends better than anything I have purchased in the store

VITAMINS (either daily or every other day, i need more consistency in this area): 7 gms biotin, 1 multi, MSM, GNC hair vitamins, GLA, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, B5. I do calcium and vit e at night

I've been doing this for so long that it has become an EASY regiment, almost done on auto-pilot


On the Grow and Keeping it Simple
I finally found products that work for me, so no more PJism!

Everyday: Rinse and condition with Quantum Moisturizing Conditioner

1-2x a week: shampoo with Curls Rock Shampoo, condition, and airdry in whatever style I'm wearing that day.

1x monthly: After pooing, protein treatment with Ion Reconstructing treatment, and deep condition with Ion Moisture Masque for atleast 20-30 minutes.

Leave In: Kids Organics Shea Butter Detangling Lotion
Styler: Bubble Up Styling Pudding
For Smoothing: Elasta QP Elucent Gel (Alcohol Free, Protein Free)

Hair Iam

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Another Newbie here but here I go
Always experimenting, so this is a work I progress
Karen's Regimen~as of August 2006

I condition was 2-3 times per week using 1 of the following:
My own home made seaweed/chineese herb conditioner /Herbal essence fruit fusion/ Suave coconut.

I shampoo wash once every week or once by weekly, depending on how active I’ve been. I usually use one of the following shampoos:
My own home made sulfur shampoo/ Elucence shampoo/ cream of nature (green or red)

I love essential oils, so during the day I may have any of the following in my hair:

Jamaican black castor oil (my friend’s mom had it made for me in Jamaica:grin: )
Egyptian 7 mix miracle oil
Coconut oil
Yalang Yalang (for some reason this s name make me smile)
several other indian oils

I use Egyptian Henna 2 x per month (Bay & Brown)
Loosens/ adds shine and sofntens my curls (just add yogurt and few drops of lime)
Once per month I coconut milk wash
When I wear twists, I use honey and olive oil to define/moisturize and lock twists

My hair is never dry:) , I always put one of my above listed conditioners every morning, sealed with one of the above mentioned oils (I mix my oils depending on my mood)

I flat iron once per month to compare growth (to0 hard to measure growth with curly hair)
I just purchased a professional flat iron (Pink ~Yourstyle~ - The Canadian National Ex-ebition) reg $200:eek: purchased for $130:cool: .
I used it on my daughter’s hair
All I can say “where have you been all our lives:yay::love: ?” I’ll be updating my picks this week

Multi vit
Prenatal vit
Ground flax seed
Ly C
Water 6-8 per day

Growth enhancers:
My own sulfur mix/ MTG/ Mn mixed with Shea butter

For my face and skin /lips

Black soap from Africa
Sulfur soap
Amla soap
Shea butter(moisture/moisture


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Once a week-
Pre-poo treatment in four sections w/suave conditioner and africa's best herbal oil for 30 min to 1 hr.

Shampoo in four sections w/Elucence moisturizing poo or the clarifying one

Deep condition in six sections with Elucence or another deep conditioner under hooded dryer for a specified amt of time (depending on instructions)

Let the six sections air dry a bit and I then braid my hair into a style to wear in the week.

I wear twists a lot cause they are easy to create. I braid the base and then twist so my hair is flattened. On each damp section I apply castor and WGO to the ends and Oyin whipped shea butter to the length.

Wear this style for a week and then wash again every week or sometimes (if I'm lazy) every other week.

Wear twists in one (a small bun)
2-3 times a week wear a baggie over the bun when going to bed.
The baggie has some type of oil and cream mixture (brand varies)
Wear scarf and sleep on satin pillow
Redo some twists if needed-frizz factor.

Every other month
Blow dry and flat iron

Every four months
Dust or trim as needed


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I wash twice a week. On Wednesdays I do a henna treatment and co-wash with either Vo5 tea therapy or WRTC. On the weekends I wash with Aveda DR and DC. Before washing I pre-poo with EVOO & conditioner mixed (sometimes overnight).

After washing, I apply either fermodyl 619 or giovanni direct leave to my hair and seal with JBCO or coconut oil. After it dries to about 75% I put it in a bun.
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1x week
shampoo--cream of nature
edges--mangobutter, then tie w/a scarf & airdry

8 weeks
Aphogee treatment for damaged hair
Jazzings rinse


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I co-wash with Suave Humectant
detangle with water under shower head
I then apply a leave in like Salerm or ORS Olive Oil
and gather my hair into a loose, low wet pinup...
I then cover my head with a satin scarf
until I have to leave the house.
Throughtout the day, if I notice flyaways
I will spritz with a water/salerm mix.
At night, I either apply Humectant or Silicon Mix
to my hair either in 4 sections or in a loose pinup...
(depends on how tired I am)
and then I use a baggy and scarf and go to sleep...
- Deep Conditioning: In sections with steam towel method
using honey, mayo, silicon mix, or misskey10en1, or humectant
- ACV rinses: With organic unfiltered ACV


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I wash my hair 1-2 times a week with KeraCare Itchy Scalp Shampoo and condition with Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner. I use Elucence or Giovanni Direct conditioner as a leave-in. I've also just started to use Keracare Humecto but, I'm not sure if I like it yet.

I deep condition about 2 times a month with either Aveda Damage Remedy or Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise for about 30- 45 minutes.

I clarify 1- 2 times a month with Organic Root Stimulator Aloe Shampoo.


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I wash my hair three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) with Matrix Biolage Moisturetherapie.

Tuesday and Thursday, I prepoo with Amla and coconut oil, then wash and condition with Matrix Moisturetherapie products. I follow with the Matrix Daily Leave-in tonic, and seal with Avocado or Hemp Seed butter (the newest additions, and I'm loving them!) I either roller set or braid/twist it up and let it air dry overnight.

Saturday, I do a clarifying wash with Suave clarifying shampoo, then I do a protein treatment with Nexxus Emergencee. I follow with a wash with the Matrix shampoo to restore moisture to my hair, then I DC with the Pantene anti-breakage mask under the dryer for about 20 minutes. I wash it out, and follow with my leave-in and butter and roller set it.

I use BT on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights before bed, and if needed, moisturize my hair (I haven't really had to do this much, the butters are awesome at keeping my hair moisturized).

I try to keep it all as simple as possible. I generally stretch my relaxers for three months or more, and I've recently fallen in love with the Mizani Butter Blend relaxer. I generally do not comb my hair, preferring just to finger style it (especially since I am in the HYH challenge). I am partial to my soft boar brush though (but only on my edges).


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Here is my lil' regimen...

wash - Either CON (formerly red label), or TreSemme Shampoo for red hair (sometimes both). Tea Tree Chlorlesterol/TreSemme for red conditioner while showering. Thorough rinse, light towel blot (no manipulation).

Leave ins - saturate hair with Infusium 23/drop JCBO on scalp and massage, cover with towel and remove after 10 minutes. liberally apply Parnevu leave in conditioner. Gently comb and go.

Deep conditioning - once a week, hot oil treatment for 15 minutes under the hooddryer. Aphogee 2-step every six weeks.

I color with Red Hot Rhythm every 6 weeks and will start stretching to 4 times annually.

I used to use this regimen to grow my hair to apl, while maintaining the auburn coloring. I know I can do it again, because I have more time...


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wow great thread maybe one day when i have a real regi ill post it in the mean time il steal bits and pieces from the pros