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I love reading what everyone's regimen's are. However you have to search thousands of pages, so if you could so kindly post your regimen, whether it's ayurvedic, protective styles, or whatever you do during the week. it doesn't matter your length or hair type, but you can post it for reference. TIA

I'll go first:
Hair type: I am (i think) 3c
Current length: SL
Wash with ayurvedic powder 1-2x's a week
clarify when needed.
deep condition/ oil with ayurvedic oils overnightcover with satin bonnet.
baggy or phony pony during the day
co-wash everyday with LHDC recipe ( ayurvedic powder mixed with cheapie conditioner).
I use IC 1 minute reconstructor for protien
I take Nioxin, chlorella powder, vitamin e, and horsetail ( plan to start pre~natals, no I'm not expecting I have four already:spinning: but they are good supplements)
Various spritzes with MT, OCT, and tea spritz
Repeat until I reach MBL.


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Saturday: Wash with shampoo (any) & deep condition (cholesterol or whatever I have around)

Allow to dry about 45%-60% (airdry)

Moisturize in rows with Qhemet Amla and Olive Heavy Cream & Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter.

Either twist or wear in curly fro.

Wednesday: Cowash or refresh twists.

Simple. :grin:


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Hair type: 3b/3c
Current Length: APL
Regimen: Wash and deep conditon once a week.
Blow dry hair then braid (I wear braid out for the week)
I used to cowash every morning but have stopped because the single strand knots were getting out of control.


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Ok, I'll play!:grin:

Hair type: 4B, coarse
Current Length: 1 inch away from APL

Monday (in order): Wash with Joico Chelating Shampoo, Joico Cuticle Sealer, Joico Reconstructor, Joico Intense Hydrator, Mizani H2O intense, Joico Daily Care Moisturizer and Joico Serum on the ends, then do a braid out.

Joico Body Luxe or Moisture Recovery shampoo and conditioner and do a braid out.

Friday: Joico Body Luxe or Moisture Recovery shampoo and conditioner and do a braid out.

I also steam with some Vatika oil once per week as a pre-poo, apply Henna\Indigo\Amla\Moisturizing Conditioner twice a month.

I use Joico Daily Moisturizer every day on the ends.

Relax my hair with Phyto Index 2 every 8 weeks and trim 1/4 inch every 8 weeks (just until my ends feel better)

Vitamins: 5mg Biotin, Liquid MultiVitamin, Niacin 250 MG, and just started taking the Phyto Vitamins.
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Cowash Daily with V05 Moisture Milk.
Towel dry. Finger comb in long aid curl activator gel.
Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.
Apply megatek and aloe vera mix (I read about here of course). Cover hair with bonnet and leave on until morning cowash.

This is easy, not very time consuming, and it allows me to say,"Detangle:perplexed (??) I wonder what they mean by that?" :lachen::lachen:


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I'm in.

ETA: 4a, coarse, natural, full NL stretched.

Saturday wash:

prepoo overnight with coconut oil, vatika oil, brahmi amla oil mix or shikakai oil mix
wash on Saturday with CON mixed with shikakai and amla powders
deep condition with protein based conditioner mixed with avocado or JBCO
acv rinse
leave-in conditioner, twist hair


cowash in twists with HH LTR or Aussie Moist
leave in moisture spritz of fenugreek, amla and brahmi powders mixed with castor, coconut and grapeseed oil
seal with EVCO oil blend


prepoo with ayurveda oil blend (I'm a PJ, I switch often depending on my hair's needs)
fenugreek based tea rinse
cowash with shikakai/amla/tulsi infused conditioner
moisture based deep condition
acv rinse
leave-in, wash and go 2 days

It sounds like so much more than it is. Monday and Wednesday are super easy; Saturday is the big wash day. :grin:
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I pre-poo with protein or hot oil treatment with olive oil
I wash with a moisturizing shampoo and DC with heat once a week
I add a moisturizing leave in and a serum and rollerset every week
I clarify every 3-4 weeks
Heavy Protein every 6 weeks
Henna and Indigo for really thick black hair (trying to work this in, only done it once so far)

I’ve done this for about 5 months now and it’s working for me.

I’m shoulder length and I’m a 4 something.


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Hair Type - Mostly 4a - Natural


Hot oil treatment with evoo once per week - detangle using
evoo and a wide toothed comb (on damp hair) once per week

Shampoo with gentle poo once a week.

Clarify/Chelate once per month.

Deep condition with low heat for at least 30 mins after shampooing.

Apply leave in and coconut/castor oil to hair. Twist/Braid and airdry.

Moisturize and seal hair every other day. Lightly oil hair inbetween.

Apply aloe vera gel to scalp once daily. Oil scalp with coconut/castor oil every 1-3 days.

Alternate henna and protein treatments once per month.



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Hair Type: 4a and b
Current length : 2-3 inches from Bsl
Regimen: Wash and deep condition( ors replenishing pac)once a week.
Moisturize and seal daily.
Oil scalp with Organics horsetail and rosemary hair vitalizer every few days.
Cowash with any left over conditioner every once in a while.


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Hair Type: Not sure, Transitioning to Natural
Length: Not sure because I haven't done a length check since Dec '08... I'd guess between SL and APL, but definitely closer to APL than SL.

**Cowash 4 times a week and soap wash (castille soap mixed with conditioner or oils+water) when needed**

I work out Mon-Fri... I sweat on my scalp Mon-Fri... at the moment, I moisturise my hair with my moisturising spritz after taking a shower, seal with shea mix, finger comb, leave down to airdry then pin up when dry, I use an alice or hairband to lay down my new growth... some weekends I do a braidout, twistout or rollerset, others I just leave my hair be.

Soap or Conditioner Wash (clarify sometimes) then Henna (Henna procedure can be found here: every 3-6 weeks.

1. Shea Butter Mix(Pure Organic Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Coconut Oil and Castor Oil)
2. Moisturising spitz - Water, EVOO, Glycerin and cheapie conditioner, I use this everyday now before sealing with a tiny amount of my shea-mix*

1. ORS Replenishing con mixed with oils.

*Leave-in Conditioner
1. Giovanni Direct Leave In
2. I use Nexxus Humectress as a leavein for rollersets.
3. Lustrasilk shea butter cholestrol as a leave in for braidouts/twistouts

*Other products:
1. Aphogee 2 min reconstructor, I usually use this on dry hair for 2-5 minutes once every other week before cowashing.
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Hair Type: 4 a/b (i think), relaxed
Current Length: Shoulder


  • Shampoo (clarify 1x month)
  • Apply protein treatment (alternate between Nexxus Emergencee and Aphogee 2 min/ Nexxus Keraphix)
  • Deep Condition (moisturizer) usually with home steam treatment for 20-30 mins
  • Apply Porosity Control Conditioner for 2 mins
  • Apply light Leave ins, seal with light oil
  • Air dry/flat twist/pony rollerset/rollerset/flexi rod set
Mondays & Wednesdays:

  • Co wash
  • Deep Condition (moisturizer)
  • Apply Porosity Control Conditioner for 2 mins
  • Apply Leave-ins, seal with light oil
  • Air dry/flat twist/pony rollerset/rollerset/flexi rod set
No flat ironing, no direct heat, sometimes dry with hooded dryer on cool or low or just air dry.
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Hair type - 4a/b Relaxed
Hair length - MBL
Wash and DC (w/ heat) 1x a week
Clarify 1x a month
Either rollerset or airdry
Protective style 2-3x out the week
Relax 12-16 wks (sometimes longer)
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Hair Type- 4a/b (I think), relaxed for 30 years
Length - CBL
Wash routine - 1ce or 2ce a week with Aphogee Deep moisture shampoo
Condition routine - Deep Condition every time using a moisturizing conditioner mixed with EVOO (or sometimes almond oil). Cover with a cap and add heat for 30mins-90 mins. If I need protein I'll add neutral protein filler or SAA.
Rinse then follow with Roux Porosity control for 1 min
Leave ins/moisturizers- Roux Fermodyl 619. Pantene light spray condish mixed with jojoba oil and SAA. Followed by any number of gel-cream type moisturizer (I'm still experimenting). Then followed by some incarnation of coconut oil to seal.

Drying routine - I use heat only when something happens and I must leave the house quickly (bonnet or blow dry). Other than that I air dry, sometimes overnight.

Night routine - Cross wrap or flexirods

Style routine - curled (with flexirods) or french twisted. A ponytail if I am desperate.
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My regimen (sorry for being overly detailed lol):

Pre-Poo: sit under Pibbs for 30 minutes with plastic cap on
- Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner with Avalon Organics Biotin Thickening conditioner applied on scalp only (bi-weekly)

- Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol mixed with White Rain coconut conditioner, avocado oil, EVOO and molasses (1x month)
- Elucence Extended Repair Treatment (1x month) MEDIUM PROTEIN TREATMENT

- Elucence Moisture Balance Shampoo (1x week)
- Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo (1x month)

Porosity Treatment: after shampoo and before deep conditioner, i apply to hair in sections, put a plastic cap and sit under the Pibbs for about 15 minutes
- Roux Porosity Control Conditioner (1x month)

Protein Reconstructor: I tend to use this for my first wash after my relaxer. But if my hair is shedding alot during the course of my relaxer stretch, I will treat it with this.
- Mizani Renew Strength Reconstructing Gelee

Deep Conditioner: Apply DC in sections using perm brush. Sit under Pibbs for 30-45 minutes with Towel Turban and plastic cap on.
- Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner mixed with JBCO, Avocado Oil and Silk Amino Acids (1x week)

Co-washing (1x week): my co-wash method is a mix between co-washing and deep conditioning I guess you could say lol. I apply my conditioners and oil to my hair in sections, put on a plastic cap and sit under my Pibbs for about 30 minutes. Wash out, apply my leave-in and air dry using scarf method
-Abba Pure Moisture Conditioner, then layer of Aubrey Organic Honeysuckle Rose and finish by "sealing" with Avocado oil

- Weeks 1-6: Rollerset. Apply Elucence MB Conditioner, Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer and CHI Silk Infusion as leave-ins
- Weeks 7-12: Air dry. Apply Elucence MB Conditioner and my homemade spray moisturizer (consists of distilled water, Elucence MB Conditioner, silk amino acids and grapeseed oil) as leave ins

- Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Cream sealed with Macadamia Nut Oil (Sweet Almond Oil in the winter months), or
- Elucence MB Conditioner and seal with Macadamia Nut Oil (Sweet Almond Oil in the winter months), or
- My homemade spray moisturizer, which consists of distilled water, Elucence MB Conditioner, silk amino acids and grapeseed oil

Scalp Massages (2x week)
- Grapeseed oil with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil

Perm: I perm every 12 weeks.
- Mizani Butter Blend Rhelaxer LYE (Normal)
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Hair Type: natural, 3ab&c & 4a
Current length : In between SL & APL

Sunday is my hair day
I basically co-wash and leave in Herbal Essence Hydralicious or AO HSR
Castor Oil (seal)
Cornrow & Wig

But every other Sunday I rotate between
ORS Hair Mayo Treatments (overnight)
DCing w/ ORS Replenishing Conditioner
and baking soda rinses

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Oh boy, I love reggies too! :cheers:

Prepoo before every wash/cowash with JBCO, EVCO, EVOO with heat 15 minutes
Cowash weekly with Suave Naturals Soothing Lavender Conditioner
Aphogee 2min Keratin weekly
DC every other week with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose with heat 40 minutes
Always finish every wash/cowash with cold water and ACV rinse
Henna 2X a month
Clarify once a month with Suave Naturals Soothing Lavender Shampoo
Flat iron 4X a month (length checks, just for fun :grin:)
Curlformer set, braidout, bantu knots as styling throughout the week (always pinned up and out the way for HYH Challenge :wallbash:)
Moisturize daily with Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion
Seal ends with EVCO


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Here it goes!

Regimen (Once per week)

Cycle 1 –

Pre Poo Moisture – LBB or Homemade Caramel Treatment
Clarify – Baking Soda
Oil rinse
Post poo moisture – LBB
Rinse – Distilled Water
Other rinses – optional
Leave in’s
Cycle 2
Pre poo – Protein – Eggs/Olive oil
Oil rinse
Post poo – LBB
Rinse – Distilled Water
Leave in
Cycle 3

Hot Oil….Treatment – coconut oil
Oil rinse
Post poo – LBB
Leave in
Cycle 4

Oil Rinse
Post poo – LBB
Leave in
Flat ironing Routine

Pre – poo – Aloe Max
Shampoo – Carmelux
Post poo Carmel lux - 15 minutes
Distilled water
Leave in
Aveda damage control
Turn up the Heat
Blow Dry
Flat iron
Serum After

Daily routines
Moisture spray with oil – Baggy + Scarf
When Flat ironed – Coconut oil!
Comb once a week


Whisper "bleep boop" to yourself when you're sad.
-DCW overnight every other day
-Days when I don't dc, I baggy
-Shampoo once a week (pre poo with protein)
-Hair stays in a loose bun
-Relax every 12-16 weeks, although I'm currently in the long term stretch challenge, so I'm now stretching for 6 months :eek:
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I DC overnight with Amla or Brahmi oil
Cowash the next morning with Giovanni
Apply VO5 Body conditioner and Porosity Control - leave on 5 minutes and rinse
Use Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat as leave-in and rollerset with Lottabody and New 4 U mousse.


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Hair Type: 4b Relaxed
Hair Length: CBL (Front) APL (Back)

Wash Regimen & Products

Week 1

  • Pre poo/DC (overnight): AO GPB
  • Scalp Treatment: Jasons Dandruff Relief Sulfate free Shampoo
  • Cleanse: Lavender WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Week 2

  • Pre poo/DC (overnight): AO GPB
  • Scalp Treatment: Jasons Dandruff Relief Sulfate free Shampoo
  • Cleanse: Lavender WEN Cleansing Conditioner
  • Deep Moisturizing Condition (30min w/heat): Lavender WEN & Jessicurl Weekly Moisturizing Treatment

Weekly Rollerset Regimen & Products

  • Leave-ins: Two pumps of Lavender WEN, CHI Silk Infusion and WEN Mix (Includes: Lavender WEN, Oil & Water)
  • Setting lotion: Joyce Williams House Call ( used only on the mid-shaft and ends)
  • Drying: Blow dryer with bonnet attachment

Daily Maintenance Regimen & Products

  • Moisturizers (1-2x a day when daily styling and before bed): Black & Bossie Cream Moisturizer
  • Oils (1x before bed after moisturizing scalp & NG only): Black & Bossie Natural Hair Oil
  • Styling Products ( 1-2x a day to lay edges down and to add shine): TIGI S Factor Creamy Molding Wax and Ojon Shine and Protect Glossing Mist

*Finger comb daily only comb hair on wash day
*Protective style daily
*Tie hair up nightly
*Relax every 12-16 weeks with Mizani Butterblends System (no more long stretches)
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Hi! I am a natural 4a/b with a little past NL length. Every week I clarify and then henna my hair. After Henna I cowash comb and ( on slighly damp hair) mix coconut butter with HSR and twist my hair with it. I leave my twists in for two days. During those two days I use a daily spritz that has distilled water, aloe vera juice ( Georges') and rose water. On the second day I rinse twists in the shower and taken them out, and seal with castor oil. I leave my hair out for no more than two days. Before going to bed I put a silk scarf on. On the second day, I cowash and then twist again with the same mixture.
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Hair Type: 4a/4b
Length: Neck Length

1. Apply AO GPB on dry hair for 15 minutes under heat (or Aphogee 2-min if I'm getting braids or flat-ironing)

2. While the conditioner is still in my hair, shampoo w/ Earthly Delight Herbal Shampoo

3. Condition w/ Karen's Body Beautiful Deep Conditioner

4. Apply Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In & Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Cream

5. Twist hair

6. Apply Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Oil to ends

7. Roll my twists w/ perm rods & put on my satin bonnet & scarf

8. Wear the twist-out for two days

9. Detangle w/ JC Leave-In & apply JC Hair Nourishing Cream

10. Braid my hair

11. Wear my wig until wash day rolls around two weeks later


Several of you have asked for my regimen even though it’s very similar to the one listed in my hair care products website. Anyway, here it goes . . .

My regimen is simple--in my opinion. I follow the regimen that’s featured in the website. Except I don’t get my hair washed every week nor do I oil my hair every day. Salon visits are twice a month. I have type 4a/b hair.

My stylist washes my hair twice with the Beneficial Phase Shampoo.

Deep condition with the Advance Conditioning Treatment by saturating my hair then pins it up. He puts on a plastic conditioning cap then he puts me under the dryer for at least 30 minutes or longer if he’s working on other customers’ hair.

He rinses out the conditioner, and he saturates my hair with the detangler; but after 10 years, he recommended another detangler that works better on my type 4a/b hair--Infusium 23 (original formula aka Repairology now). This is definitely a permanent staple. It has more slip than the Verifen Complex detangler, plus it costs a lot less and does the job. After he puts in Infusium 23, he pours oil in his hand and rubs it on my hair.

He parts the hair in four sections and pins up three. Then he rubs Constant Care for Ends throughout my hair. He gradually detangles one section at a time while blow drying it. Then he takes down another section and repeats the process.

He puts me under the dryer to dry my scalp which normally takes no more than five minutes. Hairline Essential Crème is applied to my edges.

He presses my hair gently. (I get my hair done the old fashion way, but it works.) Then he hot curls my hair by making the curls small and tight to keep them in longer. After pressing, he combs out the front and side curls gently, but he really doesn’t touch the curls in the back, just a little, because they will fall out eventually. The curls don’t stay in longer than 1-1/2 hours because of the weight of my hair. He sprays his own rosemary oil and that’s it.

I don’t oil my hair daily; just once a week thoroughly by parting it in sections. I wear my hair in protective styles 95 percent of the time, because I’m lazy with my hair. I put pomade and hair oil on my ends about twice a week. I put a satin wrap around my edges then I place a satin bonnet over my head, and that’s how I sleep. I don’t brush my hair. I use a K-cutter. I wear my hair in a protective bun, and that’s it.

My stylist doesn’t believe in trimming my hair often. He normally does it about once every 1-1/2 years. He says: “If I trim it regularly, I will be cutting away the new growth.” Well, I don’t debate with him, because his other customers have longer hair than mine--so he must be doing something right.

Secondary Products

I have secondary products which my stylist recommended four years ago. They are effective and inexpensive, and I rotate them with my Verifen Complex products.

Shampoo: Cream of Nature (ultra moisturizing/detangling formula). I buy the liter size for $5.99 whenever Sally has a sale—which is every other month in Los Angeles.

Conditioner: Motions Moisture Plus with extra virgin olive oil

Detangler: Infusium 23

Protein Conditioner: Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor works fine alone, but Motions CPR will not be a keeper. It has to be mixed with Motions Moisture Plus; otherwise, my hair will be too hard. I’m not going to buy this one anymore.

I found some pomades and oil blends that cost a lot less than my Verifen Complex pomades and hair oil such as: WonderGro Shea Butter, Africa’s Best Super Gro pomade, TCB Naturals, and Hairobics Hair and Scalp Booster. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hemp shampoo is another staple.

Oil Blends: Wonder 8 (which I haven’t used yet); African Royal Hot 6, Africa’s Best Herbal Oil Complex, and Hairobics Hair oil and Detangler Oil.

Additional conditioners are as follows: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and their GPB, plus Le Kair Cholesterol Plus--these are definitely keepers on my list. EVOO is added to all of my conditioners except the Advance Conditioning Treatment. I have other conditioners and shampoos that I would like to test later, but I believe in using my secondary products up first before they go bad.
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natural for good
Hair Type: Relaxed (stretch every 12/13 weeks)

Wednesday- Protein Day
Wash with Mizani Renew Strength Fortifying Shampoo (or Joico KPak Shampoo)
DC w/Heat 30min Mizani Renew Strength Reconstructing Masque (or Joico KPak Reconstructor)
Detangle Redken AntiSnap LeaveIn
Moisturize Giovanni Direct LeaveIn
Put Four fat twists
Tie with scarf

Saturday- Moisture Day
Wash with C.O.N. Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo (discontinued green label)
DC w/Heat 30min Moisturizing Mix (AO-HSR + Mizani Hydrafuse + CON Professional Moisture Extreme + EVCO + Honey)
Detangle Redken AntiSnap LeaveIn
Moisturize/Seal Vatika Coconut oil
Put four fat twists
Tie with scarf

Moisturize with BB Oil Moisturizer Castor Oil
Bun or Flat-twist (see fotki for flat-twist style..)

Apply Boundless Tresses to scalp only 4x's per week
Whole head baggy 4x's per week

Every 2nd and 4th Friday Nite
Sleep with Henna mixed with coffee + AO White Camelia + Amla oil
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I currently don't have one because I have to buy more products.

I basically just oil my hair with Vatika, then use honey to wash my hair whenever it feels dry.