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Regimens only


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:yep: Nice thread, my turn!

Hair Type: 4a/3c

Hair Length: Longest hair hitting APL (Reached my goal ! :grin: June 2009), going for full APL by October

Weekly Regimen:
1. Presoak hair in Virgin Coconut Oil ngiht before
2. One hour before wash, coat hair in regular Mayonnaise
3. Rinse hair thoroughly with water for 5-10min
4. Cowash hair with light cheapie conditioner (I like Sunsilk products)
5. DC hair with heavy conditioner (Silk Elements MegaSilk Conditioner)
6. Detangle with Jilbere shower comb
7. Wring out hair and pat dry with towel
8. Spray aPHogee Green Tea Spray and massage in hair
9. Part hair into sections apply coconut oil, Pantene split end leave in and castor oil to seal, twist and and let air dry
10. Spray Silk Elements heat protectant and flat iron hair

Every Other day:
1. Apply small amount of coconut oil to scalp

1. Instead of conditioning hair with mayo, I apply a Henna mix I buy at the Indian store, it helps nourish my hair, stop hair breakage, encourage growth and makes hair more managable :yep:

Protective Style of choice:
1. Buns. Even when I wear my hair out or down, it always ends up back in a bun by the end of the day :spinning: it's fun to watch my bun get bigger!

Black Hoya Chick

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pretty simple

3C/4A Transitioning
- Cowash as I see fit with VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie
- Deep condition every two weeks with Virgin Coconut Oil
- Detangle 1-2 times a week
- Clarify every two weeks (alternate week of deep condition) with Bentonite Clay
- Moisturize, seal, and set in 2 braids after cowash with Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Conditioner and a mix of raw shea butter and virgin coconut oil
- Bun in the morning
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Hair type- 3b/c
Length- Slightly layered with longest layer at WL

I change my regimen all the time, but right now all I'm doing is as follows :

pre-poo with garlic oil
wash with HE LTR shampoo
condish with Dove Damage THerapy conditioner while detangling in shower
apply PC before rinsing condish out
then air dry loose using Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus and seal with either almond oil or coconut oil.

I do that once a week and that's been pretty much it. I will apply a little more oil or some LTR leave in during the week if my hair feels a little dry, but for the past 6 weeks, that's all I've been doing. Oh, I relax with Silk Elements Megasilk Regular strength every 3 months and I color my hair with Sebastian Cellophanes every 6-8 weeks.

I decided to straighten my hair today though and the only difference was that I roller set using Lacio Lacio and sealed with coconut oil. Sat under dryer and then blew out the ng just a bit. Hair looks and feels great. I think air drying has been good!

I'll probably change my reggie to include DCing in the Fall, but right now, my hair seems happy without them.



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Length: Halfway between SL and APL
Hair Type: 4a/3c/4b
Twice a Day (morning and night)
Cowash (with HE, Aussie, Organix, Suave, I have several)
Moisturize with Giovanni
Seal with Coconut Oil
Air dry for about 20 minutes and then bun

I work in a shampoo and DC once or twice a week
And occasionally I do a braid out, roller set, etc


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I'm a 4 a/b natural. :grin:

Shampoo regimen:
Shampoo on Saturday or Sunday
Hot oil treatment before shampooing
DC with heat after every shampoo
Fermodyl 619 and a creamy leave-in after every shampoo (Elucence MB or Hairveda Whipped Cream)

Co-Wash regimen:
Co-wash once or twice during the week
Pre-poo with a mud mask (Lush Hair Doctor) before co-washing
DC with heat after every co-wash
Nettle tea rinse after every co-wash

Moisture regimen:
Homemade moisture spritz every day
Strengthening spray every other day
Moisturize and seal length every day
Boundless Tresses on scalp every other day

Once a month

Protective styling
Individual braids or kinky twists until January 2010.
Press & flatiron every 3 months.

I use some form of protein every day, so I rarely do heavier protein treatments. I alternate protein and moisture DCs as needed.


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Hair Type: 4 ****
Length: back almost mbl, rest apl

-every 7-10 days
- deep condition before wash on dry hair for 1 hour to overnight (time depends on time that I wash my hair)
- wash in sections
- condition in sections
- small/medium twists with coconut oil, motions and twist and lock gel
-wear twists for 2-3 days, twist outs until wash day, redoing twists overnight as necessary
- apply coco oil to roots and ends; sleep in shower cap

- egg shake every morning
- multivitamin daily

products vary. no staples although i do like sexy hair pumpkin puree mask and shampoo


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Current length/texture/style: full Shoulder length, 4a, relaxed

re-worked regimen moving forward is:

Wash 1x a week usually Saturday or sunday
prepoo with apretadora w/ added olive oil for 10 mins- 1 hour
1 lather elucence clarifying (thinking of cutting this clarifying step down to once every 3 weeks)
1 lather elucence MB shampoo
deep condition w/ heat 15 mins
detangle w/ lacio lacio leave in and either toller set (weeks 1-5 post relaxer) or air dry in 4 twists and flat iron w sedu and sabino mositure block

1x daily Rainbow light women's multi with probiotics
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Y'all make me feel like I have been neglecting my hair!

Wash 1x/week with DC under dryer. Sometimes every other week.
Rollerset when I wash.
Mix Humectress and sleek and shine as a daily thing.
Wear hair pinned up.

Oh, I'm relaxed after a failed transition and I relax about every 12-14 weeks.
Length - BSL
4a/b Transitioning
Co-wash with either V05 MM or Trader Joes 4 times a week
Wash with CON once a week and DC qith Queen Helen and EVOO
Hot oil every 2 weeks
Moisterize with HH LTR con or Cantu Shea Butter and seal with Vatika or Cocunut oil
Protein as needed.


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BSL relaxed Im 4a with 3c in the middle

poo (clarify about 1-2 a month)
dc (mild protein every 4-6 weeks)
add leave in and serum
dry loose under dryer until 80 percent dry
blow dry
flat iron

coconut oil during the week
relax whenever I see enough NG (3 months or so)
I use Paul Mitchell products and currently I am loving the Yes to Carrots poo and dc
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I have had to change my regimen recently after noticing breakage in the back of my hair. I am not sure if this breakage came from vigorously smoothing my relaxer or from air drying in a bun. ***Sigh***

Until my next relaxer, I will wash every 3-4 days. One wash is a cowash with my Jojoba Hair one, and the next is a wash with green CON. I DC on at least one of those washes and I DC before I get into the shower. I DC with YTC mask, Silicon Mix , APhogee 2min., or my Moisture Mix(Aussie+Olive Oil+AOHSR). It depends on what I think my hair needs.

For drying:I apply my silk scarf around my edges and roller set the back. I roller set after apply my leave in and serum, and sit under the dryer for 35 minutes. My hair in the front dries nice and straight from the scarf. At this point I protective style with buns, french braid, phony ponies or half wigs until the next wash.

I moisturize once or twice a day with Alba Kuki nut body cream. I seal my ends with a combo of castor oil+ Hollywood Beauty Castor oil once a day.

I have to say that I am liking this new regimen although it is more work than my old reggie. I am noticing that my hair seems to retain moisture better and my ends are looking better. My ends always felt so dry and rough when I airdried in a bun.