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Relaxed Hair Thread


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Does anyone use Affirm Fiberguard relaxer? I have a giant tub (like 4lbs)that I’m not planning to use anytime soon, and I’m willing to give it away if you pay for shipping. I used it like once or twice and it’s been sitting in my closet.
I might just go ahead and use this up. It’s down to the “Affirm” line. It’s whatever’s next after I’m finished.


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I touched up today after 19 weeks post and also took off about an inch. I've got some decent growth and thickness but I think I will only do a 12/16 week stretch next time. The last couple of weeks was really tough this time round.

I moisturised, sealed, put my hair in a loose bun and put my silk cap straight back on. I'm going to consistently bun or pin up right through until I touch up at least.


Aka Giveme D’Monee
I’m back visiting RelaxerTown :rofl:
This relaxer process went really well for me with the exception of me forgetting to base one tiny (like the size of a small box braid section) and having to rinse the left side 4 minutes earlier than I intended. Matter of fact, lemme copy and paste from my notes:


Relaxer Day

(Stretched since 11/7/2020)

Based scalp with softee Indian hemp mixed with drops of tea tree oil. Applied Protecto to entire strands. Used Affirm Fiberguard to relax. Used 4 gloves, 2 for each side. 7.5 minutes to apply, 7.5 minutes to smooth on right side. Covered left side with paper towel and shower cap clipped with duckbill front and back while rinsing. Left side 7.5 minutes to apply. Stopped with 4 minutes remaining to smooth. Think I forgot a spot while basing and that’s the only spot that tingled and led me to rinse earlier. Seem to process a lot quicker. Start on left side next time. Maybe shorter time like 6.5. Used Sustenance and Normalizing shampoo, then She is Bomb Silk shampoo and Mielle Mongongo Oil protein free deep conditioner and a shower cap. Probably fell asleep with it on. (Edit: I actually got up to rinse it off, then t-shirt dried. Moisturized the next morning with APB Rice Water rinse & Murumuru Honey cream, sealed with TGIN Argan Oil, then put in a low bun). I think 15 minutes (7.5 application, 7.5 smoothing) is perfect and I love the texture I have left, because I don’t look so bald lol


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Washed today and had it braided down. I'm 17.5 weeks post, and everything is going great! As my hair grows, stretching is getting easier--- esp with the Rev Air. I thought I would relax soon, but I think I can make it to a full 6-7 months again, but easier this time.

Last week, I flat ironed it, so I could trim. Proud of myself for waiting 4 months/16 weeks to trim this time (vs 8 weeks). Especially after the Split Ender fiasco with the last trim. I cut more on the right side to even it out with the shorter pieces on the left. I'm also cutting the bottom layers more to keep the length at the base of my neck, to allow the top to grow out more.

I passed the one year anniversary of when I stopped chopping my hair, and though there have been some setbacks, I'm super pleased with the growth and progress. Can't wait for what's in store for my 2 yr anniversary.

Edit: Attaching some progress pics. Please excuse my really dirty mirror. I didn't even notice the spots until I took the pics. :cantlook:

Aug 27th 2020 - Natural


Sept 4th 2021 - Before Trim, Blow Dried Only - 16 wks post relaxer

Right side - normal

Left side - chopped up by the Split Ender during the last trim :mad:

Sept 4th 2021 - After Trim, Flat Ironed with Dyson Corrale

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