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Calling all relaxed ladies who use weave, please give your review on the hair you use, the style of weave you get, and your hair type relaxed.

Relaxed: 3b/3c/4a
Weave: XQ Cuticle Remy 14" - $55/pack
Style: Full Sew in
Review: This hair is ok. This hair blends nicely but my hair when it's flat ironed, is very light and dense. This hair is heavy. My roots (u part area) looks fine and feels airy. The weave looks fine but it's a lot of it which makes it look full.

I wouldn't repurchase. I want to try Outré Velvet Remy Rose next time if I decide to weave my hair.

I've tried searching for the best blendable hair for my hair type in a relaxed state and to no avail. And I wondered if you ladies ever wanted to know the same thing.

Thanks sunnieb

Once a particular brand and/or type gets enough reviews it will have it's on thread created and posted on this post.
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I just got a sew-in last night. My stylist seems to be the one I will keep going to. She was very aware of HHC and made sure my braids weren't too tight and didn't want me to use too much heat on my leave out.

Hair type: 4 a/c, with some 3 b/c in the back
Hair: Black Diamond by Onyx, 14", #2, ($32/pack; 2 packs)
Type of sew in: partial, 1" left out on sides, 2" left out in back, and U-shape left out at top depending on part

This may be super cheap hair, but it blends perfectly for my texture and color. This is my sew-in with this hair in 2008; I'll take pics of my current install later.



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Thanks so much to the OP for starting this thread. I tend to take all my weave questionss to BHM but I'd love to see LHCF build its own knowledge base.

I just took out my weave after having it for 3 months.

My hair type is 4b and beynd. I used hair esthetics Indian Remi kinky straight and it was perfect blend.

I left my hair out in front and at he perimeter and my goodness my leave out us TO' UP! I had significant breakage so I've been looking into getting. A kinky straight closure. Recs?


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I dont know my hair type relaxed lol I use queens straight brazilian hair 12" 14" 16" 18 " for $206 I love it it does not tangle at the back like my old
set I have it in right now with a side part


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I am so pissed! I spent Remi in a box prices for Bobbi Bossi Soul Wave and it dreaded up on me in 3 weeks. I thought it was just the one batch and the store replaced it but it is already dreading up again in a week!!! I usually don't have problems but my old hair got discontinued and I had to get something new. I don't have the money or time to replace this again. NEVER BUY THIS HAIR. I usually do circle pattern with only a little hairline out. No net/cap because I want to be able to wash my scalp and condition etc. I get a kinky curly pattern so I don't have to put heat on my edges. My hair is relaxed but I still have a lot of texture in my hair. I braid or twist the edges to blend. BTW I just made an amazing breakthrough in my take downs. It usually takes forever to detangle in between installations. Now we remove the weave hair and thread and wash it well with the cornrows still in. Then we put Emergencee Reconstructor Nexxus on it (it is very very slippy) and take down the cornrows combing as we go and the tangles just melt out. Dirty Hair=Hard time detangling. Once it is combed through we rinse and do a moisturizing conditioner, rinse, then blow dry. It has cut one to two hours of time off and I don't lose as much hair this way.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good Kinky Curly hair that won't mat and dread up? I purchased Hallie's Curl Creole Curly but it was a little too kinky and hard to comb through. I am looking for hair that is about a 3b texture that looks like an afro when picked out. (Something Angela Bofill/Phyliss Hyman-ish. I want to try Hallie's Curl Curls (formerly Candy Curls) but I have not found a recent review and there is no picture on their website.