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Relaxed heads - Do you baggie?

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I tried it over a year ago and it served no additional benefit to me. Moisturizing and sealing then was good enough. Now I don't even do that daily because my hair doesn't need daily moisturizing.


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I have started doing it at night. My hair is damp in the morning, but I'm going to continue for a while to see my future results.....
My dryness is almost non existent.


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I actually usually don't baggy, but after coming from a family vacation and going in the pool for a week straight and not washing out the chlorine, I Baggy'd two weeks in a row and my brillo pad is now soft as cotton, will not baggy this weekend will baggy as needed.

OH yes I use Lye relaxer!
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Hrrmmm.... interesting. Those that do not like to baggie, what type of relaxer do you use? Lye or no lye.

I wonder if my hair likes baggying because it is incredibly thirsty due to using no lye ...
That was me! The last two times I relaxed, I baggied the ends religiously and only had to trim once a year to even up the ends.


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okay i swore baggying was done on your dry ends alone with oils or conditioner

I guess i was lost as usual. I tried this a couple of days but never kept up with it so i dont know if it worked. To me it seems like its a tie with the people who like this and people who dont.

There should be a poll for this
I only ever did this on dry hair with moisturizer and oil. It was very effective for me


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Yes, I do if my ends are super dry. It really does work to seal in extra moisture and shine. I do it on dry hair. I'll put my moisturizer/seal on my ends (like normal) and roll the ends on a magnetic roller. Then I take a shower cap and secure it around the rollers.

I tried the whole head baggying thing, but I sweat so much at night that my hair was nearly soaking wet by the am.