Relaxed Heads - Do you use a clarifying shampoo?

How often do you use a clarifying shampoo?

  • Weekly

    Votes: 10 9.9%
  • Bi-Weekly

    Votes: 10 9.9%
  • Once a month

    Votes: 26 25.7%
  • As Needed

    Votes: 45 44.6%
  • Never (explain)

    Votes: 10 9.9%

  • Total voters


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Which one and how often do you use it?

I've been using Suave Daily Clarifying since I began my HHJ. I used to clarify bi-weekly, but since the weather turned cold, I've been using it weekly. My hair is doing fine, but I wanted to see if anybody else clarified weekly.

I think I'll be able to go back to bi-weekly when the weather gets warmer. I'll see.....:look:


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I Checked "As Needed" I use it right before Henna/Indigo. I find that my Henna grabs better.

I also use it during the relaxer process. And I use a Chelating Shampoo during that time as well. I'll also use the Chelating 'Poo 1 week Post Relaxer.

I don't really have too much Build-Up because I use primarily Natural/Handmades and shy away from "Cones".


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I checked once per month but it's more like every 6 weeks. I use nexium deep cleansing shampoo because it was a huge bottle for like $3.


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I clarify bi-weekly... I used to use the suave only, then i switched to VO5, now I am using some random brand clarifying shampoo (HE? Loreal? Idr...)

They all seem to work the same since I dilute them...

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ITA with IDareT'sHair - I also use it "as needed" which is right before a henna treatment or if I used hairspray because of a night out. I usually use VO5 kiwi clarifying because I like the way it smells. Sometimes I co-wash with the clarifying conditioner (sounds like an oxymoron but it works).


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as needed.
But I'm very set in my regimen so I don't use heavy cones. So i probably do it twice a month


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I only use clarifying shampoo when I have a lot of products built up in my hair. I try not to use it too much because clarifying shampoos are designed to strip excess oils. My hair will be extremely dry if I use it too often.

Ms. Tiki

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I selected as needed. I only use it when I use a lot of gels, oils, and other products. That rarely happens


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demlew I Agree! A Clarifying Conditioner works just as Well.:up:

I like Avalon Organics Lemon, Babbasu & Shea Clarifying Conditioner.:

But I will try VO5 Clarifying Conditioner. (Thanks for the mentioning that one).:kiss:


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:blush:every weekend, I know it strips hair of oils but I can't stop lol. I haven't seen any adverse effect. But I'll try and use it every other week and see if I see a difference.


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I do it every couple of weeks but recently used Sally's ion color defense clarifying shampoo and liked it a lot. I like using clarifying shampoo before I flat iron my hair.


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I chose as needed, whether it be once a week or once a month. I use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for clarifying and Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three for chelating. I have hard water.


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I use Kenra Clarifying and Chelating shampoo as needed, no more often than every couple of months.

This! I do the same. I think as with everything else in our lives, a schedule depend on your lifestyle.
I use Kenra 1 oz. diluted in 8 oz. of water and applied in a spout bottle carefully. This does the job without being too stripping.
After a relaxer (lye) & when I FEEL build up is there.

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Quantum clarifying as needed...usually equates to 1x every 4-5 weeks.

I always use it one week pre-TU and one week post-TU.